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We've been powering clans & guilds with awesome websites since 2008. Our website solution is built by gamers for gamers and comes packed with super powerful tools, such as forums, instant chat, file uploads, galleries and hundreds more features. Updates are added to the website platform on a monthly basis.
First released in 2008 mainly offering hosting services to FPS and RTS gamers, we've grown to be a leader in clan & guild hosting across all genres. All types of gamers choose our platform for their hosting needs.



Founder & Developer

James has been building websites for gaming communities for over 10 years. In 2008 he released the initial version of iClan Websites to the public.


Customer Support

Dawn is your customer support guru. It's her job to ensure customer problems are solved quickly and efficiently.



Dejan is your designer and produces the majority of graphics and designs you see.

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