New Update: Team Captains is now up!

Posted on 6 October 2017 in Updates

A new update was released on September, it is the Team Captains Update. With this, you can now assign a Team Captain to every teams but if you are already a Team Manager, you cannot be both at the same time so manage each teams wisely.

The difference between a Team Captain and a Team Manager is that Team Captains are basically leaders but no ability to add/delete other team captains or delete any team. It’s main focus it its team itself...

New Update: Team Challenge is now Up!

Posted on 13 September 2017 in Update
A new feature was just released for iClan Websites. It is the Team Challenge Update, with this, you can now issue a challenge to different teams across your clan website. Some other updates for this feature will be released soon so stay tune for more.

Team Manager: New Patch Updates!

Posted on 2 July 2017 in Updates

A quick new update for the Team Manager, we have now released several updates for the team manager feature and have added a couple of new things and fixes to make it better. Some other updates on other features as well such as Activity Page Image Uploading Restrictions.

Resident Evil Vendetta Review

Posted on 30 June 2017 in Reviews

I will never understand the insane nature of bringing the dead back to life. Imean if we are going to talk about the science behind it all it is not genuinely possible for the person to be the same as they were before. In terms of the umbrella corporation, it is all about making a bio-weapon that is more profitable than immortality in many cases. Resident Evil Vendetta is the story between Resident Evil 6 and the latest Resident Evil 7 and this will put your morals to the test this time around.

New Yoshi for the Switch

Posted on 27 June 2017 in Reviews

Hey, guys! The temperatures maybe climbing, but after E3 2017 it seems some people’s hype gauges just flat lined. Now that the shows over I’ve been hearing mixed feelings about the whole thing. Granted I didn’t think it was all bad as some of my cohorts did but hey a depleted hype gauge is no laughing matter for a gamer. It’s a terrible condition really symptoms include excessive ranting, bringing on old titles for the sheer purpose of nostalgia, and hesitation to buy upcoming titles. Thankfully there was one title this year the kicked my hype gauge into overdrive! Now Dissidia 3, I’ve known about and I’ve adjusted to getting trolled with Kingdom Hearts 3. So what game is it that’s got me through the moon you ask? Yoshi for the Switch of course!

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