New Updates: Give out awards w/out needing points, Ability to deduct points and My Profile Panel!

Posted on 31 August in Updates

It’s the last day of August, and we have something in store for you. We have picked new features from the Feature Voting List and decided to implement it for you. The first feature is the ability to give out Awards without the need of reaching the required points.

Ability to Give out Awards w/out the need of Points

By going to Admin Panel > Menu > Awards, there will be a new button “+Give Awards” in there that you can use to directly give out awards to your members/iClan mates.

 photo Blog 4.1_zpsfcx3sdlu.png

Just input the name of the member and the Award’s name then hit “Give Award” button.

 photo Blog 4.2_zpsxyylprbd.png

Afterwards, it’ll give you a notification about the award that you have given to your member.

 photo Blog 4.3_zpskfntcepz.png

Ability to Deduct Points

Another new feature is the ability to deduct existing points to a fellow member/user. We have received lots of request from this and we do understand that this feature could be used whenever a fellow member have done something wrong. And so, we decided to include it in this update.

You can access this by going to Admin Panel > Menu > Awards, the existing “+Give Points” button was revamped to “+Give/Take Points” button.

 photo Blog 4.4_zpsjgesbf9k.png

By clicking this button, you can now either give or deduct points to any of your members.

 photo Blog 4.5_zpsp3chniza.png

In the View Points page, you can now see the history of changes with the awarded points and deducted points being listed in there.

 photo Blog 4.7_zps7whjqr5v.png

My Profile Panel

Last but not the least, is the My Profile Panel feature. With this feature, you can now see you’re a preview of your profile page by displaying your profile picture, number of likes, number of posts, and your total friends. And don’t forget, it displays the profile of the current logged in user.

By going to Admin Panel > Menu > Panel Layouts, you can now add this new panel to your layout and hit Save.

 photo Blog 4.8_zpsv7edbfat.png

A preview of how it looks like when being added to your panel layout.

 photo Blog 4.9_zps50ug0tt6.png

Stay tune for more new features from iClan Websites and don’t forget to keep on voting for your suggested feature on the Feature Voting List.

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+0 · 15 October 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Very nice! I suggested the deduct points feature. Thanks for listening guys!
+1 · 2 September 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
You are welcome. :) Keep suggesting new ideas!
+0 · 3 October 2016 · You like thisLike
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