3 of the Best MMORPG's We've Ever Seen

Posted on 30 October in Gaming
Today’s MMORPG have become saturated with a seemingly inexhaustible list of MMORPGs as across the globe developers have turned to the genre for a stable and guaranteed revenue stream. This includes games that are free to play, pay monthly subscription and those built upon micro transaction models. To provide our clan hosting services we keep up to date on all MMORPG releases and their popularity. After all, if you’re after a clan or guild website, we need to make sure we have the right stuff on offer. But popularity isn’t always clear cut; so here we have compiled a list of the top 3 MMORPGs currently available on the market.

1) World of Warcraft

So let’s start with the obvious choice first. World of Warcraft is the abominable giant of the MMORPG market. Its success has been fuelled by two crucial factors. It was the first AAA MMO to popularize and expand the themepark design. Taking much from the Everquest series in terms of core design and endgame influences, WoW created a themepark world unlike any seen before and that no other MMO has since been able to match. Now in its 9th year, this game remains healthy with subscription numbers of over 6 million. But this isn’t why we’re recommending it; we’re recommending it because despite the stigma commonly attached to the name, it is a great game with one of the most vibrant and immersive worlds out there

2) Final Fantasy XI and XIV Reborn

We’re putting these together because they are equally worthy of any gamer’s attention. Square Enix doesn’t exactly have a great track record since its merger, with single player releases that survive nearly entirely off the glories of previous instalments. But they’ve had better success with their recent MMO. Released in 2003, Final Fantasy XI was one of the last games worked on by Squaresoft, and it really showed how well the Final Fantasy experience could translate into the MMORPG market. Built around six people parties, it created a combat system that mirrored the feeling of the original turn based system and put it into a massive, lore rich world. Final Fantasy XIV is very different in style. Now known as FF XIV Reborn, the game is unprecedented as a relaunch title, with the previous game being entirely scrapped to create a more solid, modern and robust experience. It leans more toward themepark with a quest system not entirely dissimilar to that in World of Warcraft, but it renders all of this in a graphically enchanting world rich with storyline.

3) The Old Republic

SWTOR has received a lot of bad press since its launch nearly 2 years ago. Sure the game failed to meet certain people’s expectations, but much of this was due to the overwhelming amount of hype that was generated for the game and the incredibly large budget backing it. With a developer like Bioware gamers have come to expect the best RPG experiences, with storylines that have thrown the likes of Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age and Mass Effect into critical acclaim. But alas, as with any empire the centre cannot hold, and Bioware is not the same company as it once was. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check out SWTOR. The game design is a little dubious in parts and the development team leaves much to be desired, but none of this takes away from the game’s great storytelling and the thrilling levelling experience as you follow the story arc of your particular class, interacting with fabled characters from the KOTOR series. In fact, it would be hard to argue against SWTOR as being the most immersive pre-max level experience currently on the market. With such a large number of MMO's out there it can be a real challenge finding one we really enjoy; in addition to the challenge we face in developing features for these games! None the less, whatever game you and your guild play, we'll do our best to support it.

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