3 Reasons why having a website is important for clan & guild leaders

Posted on 22 October in Gaming
3 Reasons why Clan & Guild leads need a website For those of us who are old enough to remember those painful days when creating websites required technical skill and coding knowledge, this is no more. It is unfortunate that most of us do not posses such skills. We felt the pain we went through to organize our teams on the Internet. It was a dark, gruesome and challenging experience.

We thought there must have been an easier solution. For this reason, back in 2008 we started work on what would later be known as iClan Websites to solve this problem, designed solely for clan and guild leaders.

So why do we need a website?

1) Friendship, kinship and conformity

It’s amazing how we form special bonds with our peers while in the battlefield. We grow to understand each other, conform to the team and for many; we meet outside of the virtual world of the Internet.

But keeping in contact out of game can often be challenging, especially as we all have our own personal lives to adhere too. Having a website makes it easy to communicate amongst members, allowing you to organize tournaments, battles and raids with little difficulty.

2) Member management and recruitment

Keeping track of members is a problem. Members are coming and going all the time and there is nothing we can do about it, we get bored of playing the same game, our personal lives get in the way and our computers/consoles break down (wouldn’t you rather your liver break down instead?), and for the unlucky ones, all at the same time! Having a website helps you to recruit more members but also expel those who are inactive. Recruitment applications, rosters and ranks are excellent treatments for the symptoms many guild leaders face, resulting in less confusion and a more swift operation of your clan or guild. As clan and guild leaders, we need to be in control in order to lead.

3) To look more professional

Gamers are known to be extremely competitive – nothing feels better than a headshot or beheading an opponent. This competitiveness overflows out of game too, which is why we endure to have a professional, clean and powerful website we call home. Adding a domain name to your website can make you appear more professional. We don’t charge our users to add a domain name; we do this for two main reasons:
  1. Websites are easier to find with a customized, branded address, in turn making you look more professional and;
  2. it costs us nothing.
The majority of our domain names are registered through GoDaddy, we couldn’t thoroughly recommend them enough. Amazing service and the cheapest prices make these guys a good choice for a domain registrar. There are a multitude of other reasons why clan and guild leaders need a website. Nowadays, there are plenty of solutions out there which exist to solve your problems and we encourage you to try them all, including our own clan and guild website solution (sign up is free). We all have our own unique tastes and differences. This is why we tailored our website platform to be highly customizable, scalable and easy to use. But for whatever reason you need a website, we’re certain we’ve built the perfect solution for you and your team, so sign up and give it a try for free. Happy gaming!

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