3 Ways To Make Money From Your Clan Or Guild Website: Monetize Your Clan Or Guild

Posted on 18 November in Gaming

Monetize your Clan or Guild Website - How To Make Money From Your Clan Or Guild

Making money from gaming through means other than development was a relatively unheard of thing 15 years ago. But these days some of the biggest numbers in the industry can be generated through and within the games themselves. With competitions, sponsorships and promotional opportunities, each and every gamer has the potential to generate revenue from the games they play.

This is especially true of clan and guilds, and with a personalised and well tailored website you can see just how easy it is to create a revenue stream for your guild.

1. Donations

Donations are a great way to make money for your guild website. Anybody that has looked at some of the top Twitch gamers in the past two years knows just how much can be made through donations, with top players making a higher than average western salary.

That said, the benefits of donations are certainly not limited to live streaming. Our clan hosting services give clans the option to implement a donation button onto their website, giving members the option to easily donate to the guild’s coffers.

There are other options of course, such as members outside the guild donating, but this is really dependant on the guild itself and its accolades within the community. A guild that has a great amount of prestige and reputation can garner donations simply by existing and contributing to the community, and leading PVP and raid guilds in MMORPG are a clear testament to this.

2. Shopping system

Our clan hosting services allow you to set up a shopping system on your guild website. This offers a platform for members and fans from outside the guild to purchase guild-inspired merchandise, from T-Shirts with the guild’s logo to conspicuously labelled hats.

It gives members an opportunity to express their love and commitment to the guild, and should you ever decide to meet those voices emitted from ominously distant lands, you will at least be able to easily identify each other in a large crowd.

There is even some potential for your guild to sell digital property. Obviously RMT sales are forbidden in games such as MMORPGs, but in the right setting and with the right community there is the possibility of selling in-guild advantages, such as jumps in rank or points in a raiding DKP system.

3. Advertising

An age old mechanism of website revenue generation, advertising is a great way to make money through a guild website. With clan hosting services that make advertising easy for all premium users, advertising really is one of the better forms of making money for your guild in today’s digitally orientated world. Of course it works best when working with a big guild that has a great amount of support, but even a moderate sized guild can see good returns if their members stay active on the guild website. What’s more, this will give members the opportunity to directly support the guild’s money making, as they will be able to promote the website to friends and other gamers.

Once you have it set up it’s just about getting as many people onto your guild website as possible. This can involve such things as videos of in-game achievements or highly sought after footage of a game versus another competitive clan. In truth, there are an endless amount of ways to attract people to your website – that part really is up to you.

The market is always shifting toward giving players and guilds more money making opportunities. Our clan website hosting services simply provide the facility for you to quickly and easily ignite those revenue streams.

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