4 Things That Make A Great Clan

Posted on 5 February in Gaming

Knowing the attributes that make a good plan is knowledge not easily acquired. Every guild is different, dependent upon its members, leaders, platform and genre.

However, we do believe that there is a set of fundamental principles that will give guilds the best possible chance of becoming great, and even an already established guild can benefit from some sound advice in that regard. This also helps people seeking a guild to decide which fits them best, and which can offer them the best overall experience. Here are the four things we believe makes a guild great:

  1. Unity in purpose or goal. A tenet of all successful groups in history – people function best together when they are united by a common goal. This is no less true of clans and guilds. The purpose might be a game, a motivation for playing or just an attitude towards gaming in general, but guilds work best when their commitment is underlined by a common interest. For example, a competitive guild requires that all its players possess a competitive mindset, or else arguments are guaranteed to ensue.
  2. Members with similar personalities. It is often thought that a successful guild can be identified by the pleasantness in which they treat each other. This is certainly not true. There are many ways in which players respond to each other, and even a guild joined together in universal name-calling can be deemed successful. It is ultimately a question of the guild’s personality, and how each member fits into that overarching personality. A guild that is constantly overly nice, even to a superfluous level, could be insufferable to an individual who does not care for an environment they might deem ‘care bear’.
  3. Equal investment in the game or guild. A good guild will establish equilibrium between its members’ commitment, both to the guild itself and the games played. For example, a guild seeking a particular competitive level will wish to have all players able to put in a certain amount of hours, and it is mutually important that this is understood, or else risk members resenting each other for their lack of contribution. Of course, this isn’t always necessarily the case and a lot of people are more even-minded than this suggests. But ultimately, things run a lot better and a lot smoother when all participating members are aware of what is expected of them.
  4. A great clan website and other features. Clan and guild websites are important for the foundations of a good guild. From the offset, websites sell to the wider audience the guild’s image, their persona and becomes a telling part of their success. As with all things, appearances matter. But perhaps a more salient aspect of this is the functions and features that a good guild website offers, such as those in our clan hosting services. Calendars, forums, integrated donation systems, listings of news feeds – all of these work to create and sell the image of a successful guild, and give members adequate incentive to invest into it.
Even with all these, however, creating a good and successful guild requires a lot of hard work, both from the leadership and the members. But don’t let that deter you! We will always believe that community is the best part of the gaming experience.

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Can I talk tu server
+0 · 5 April 2018 · You like thisLike · Reply
Can I talk to the server
+0 · 22 March 2017 · You like thisLike · Reply
cool! Then maybe I could set up a thread on my website for who has the most pets - and rewards for those who do! :) my website is on collecting pets
+0 · 11 November 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Alberto XON
My GTA 5 ONLINE clan is about stealing and selling cars. Msg if interested.
+0 · 2 March 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
117 HALO reach clan
before I read this I have to tell all that read this. my clan's purpose is to defend the halo reach world from those who would try to conquer it and there is 1 clan that's trying to do that now I have had reports of a clan of brainwashers only on reach. this was told to me by an allied clan leader. my clan is going to protect reach at any cost. who will join me?
+2 · 6 January 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
117 HALO reach clan
I just got word that the same clan is now on every game and system. so now we will defend the entire gaming world.
+0 · 3 March 2015 · You like thisLike
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