5 Ways To Grow Your Clan or Guild

Posted on 1 March in Gaming
Growing a guild has become harder and harder in a gaming world which is saturated by the sheer quantity of them. It is, therefore, useful to know the best, tried and tested ways of growing a guild. Of course, not all guilds seek to have a longer member roster and, for many, a small guild provides a level of intimacy that is often lost on larger guilds. But a lot of this relates to how a guild is grown, whether it is grown quickly or done over a period of months with a more vigorous vetting process.

Either way, new guilds and already established guilds alike can benefit from knowing the most effective and results driven ways to grow a guild, with both quantity and quality in mind. Here are our five strategies for effective guild growth:

  1. In-game recruitment. OK it’s not the most innovative recommendation, but in-game recruitment remains one of the best ways to promote your guild. On MMORPGs, this is typically done through recruitment messages being posted on public channels, whereby an intrigued party can contact the advertiser or visit the guild’s website. Whilst other genres do not commonly make use of public channels, they do allow the use of guild tags and even integrated guild systems, through which a prospective member can find out all he needs to know about the guild.
  2. In-game promotion.  Promotion within modern gaming is not only confined to guild tags and acronyms, however. More and more this older form of promotion is being superseded by in-game demonstrations of the guild’s prowess and examples of typical time playing together, either through public in-game events or recordings of a match or scrim.
  3. Personally addressing prospective members. Similar to a practice of head hunting in today’s business worlds, for some guilds one of the most practical sources of recruitment is personally addressing prospective members spotted either in the community or within other guilds. This is especially true of competitive guilds seeking to build a particularly high skilled group. Of course, we don’t recommend you spam message players without a guild (as is often seen), but rather make enquiries as to whether they are seeking new guild placement.
  4. Well-built clan website. Clan websites and guild websites are increasingly becoming the most valuable asset in the growth of a guild. A website can not only inform prospective members, through either information about the guild’s motif or videos of their achievements, but also projects a favourable image of success which will ultimately draw more players in.
  5. Word of mouth. If your guild is seeking to undertake active recruitment campaigns, make sure all of your members know about it. Simple word to mouth is a great way to expand your guild as it puts you into contact with players that you would not otherwise be able to reach (especially those, in an MMROPG for example, who stay at the fringes of the digital social space).
Growing a guild is made easier by adopting the five methods above. The name of the game is reaching all the right ears. As for as clan website hosting services go, we have a range of themes and features readily prepared for the beginnings of your guild.

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