5 Ways To Keep Your Members Interested In Your Clan/Guild

Posted on 11 November in Gaming

Motivation isn’t always easy. Guild and clan leaders alike are always trying to discover new ways to keep members interested in their guild. Sadly, these issues are often worsened by the fast paced and fleeting nature of the industry, with popularity in any particular game coming and going like the wind (for the most part) and very few games offering sustained hours of playtime.

Specialising in clan hosting services, we know all about the trials and tribulations of being a guild leader and the difficulties faced when members start to become disinterested in a game or guild. So before your leavers create a domino effect amongst your member roster, take note of our five simply tips for keeping your guild mates sporting your guild’s colours proudly.

1. Regular group activities

Regular group activities are an important part of keeping a strong and healthy guild. It is vital that your members feel that you are continually invested in the guild, and creating fun and engaging experiences for your members is just part of the guild leader’s manifesto.

It isn’t too hard to do. Just set yourself a weekly calendar and mark out two days to get together and enjoy your game of choice, whether it is a scrim on Battlefield or a raid on an MMORPG.

2. Discover issues in their infancy

It is important to catch any disruption to the guild’s atmosphere in their infancy, so as to not steer members away from what would otherwise be a welcoming and friendly environment.

Like any form of rust or bacteria, issues within a guild can erode it from the inside. Whether it is on your clan website or TeamSpeak server, it is vital to keep any harmful elements of the guild in check.

3. Try different games

As previously suggested, one of the biggest issues concerning guilds is that games can become stale very quickly. This is often a danger for guild’s that focus on a particular game, such as those that are MMORPG based.

The solution to this is easy. Regardless of whether your guild plays RTS, FPS, MOBA or MMORPG, it is important to try out and play different games together. It helps to shake up the dynamic and introduces your members to new games that they would not otherwise play.

4. Keep it mixed up

Making every week different for your guild doesn’t necessarily mean trying a new game. It is really just about changing anything to avoid you and your guilds playtime becoming stagnant and monotonous. This can involve nothing more than switching up your clan's activities in game. For a PVE focused build, dabble in a little PVP on the side and vice versa.

You can never underestimate the danger of a game feeling ‘same old’. Luckily for an FPS and RTS based clan, every game has the potential to feel completely different. But should your guild be feeling the sting of boredom, try changing to a different set of opponents or trying a different race or gun selection.

5. Stay active in game

This might be obvious to some, but in reality an inactive guild leader is a common reason for a guild’s downfall.  Even if it is only for a few months, a leader’s inactivity can result in other member’s losing heart and deciding that the guild is not worth the investment of their time.

More than this, however, an inactive clan leader, even if active on the clan website, will serve to bolster all the previously highlighted issues, if only because they are not there to solve them.

Like games, clans & guilds are ever-changing entities that require nurturing to flourish. So look to your clan websites and guild websites to keep activity up and create new ways for your members to fall in love with their games and community.

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