5 Ways You Can Actually Make Money Gaming

Posted on 18 October in Gaming

Make Money While Gaming

Getting paid for playing computer games is the dream job of many. Although this may seem like an improbable fact, but there are people who do get stable income from gaming. So, if you are good at games, why not try to get a six figure compensation for your skills :)? Below in this article I’m going to describe 5 ways to make money from gaming that do work.

#1 Become a Pro

Tournaments are probably the most surefire and engaging way to cash in on your gaming prowess. Each year hundreds of local, nationwide and international competitions are being held, and the sums they give away are exorbitant. Unfortunately, majority of these tournaments require some cash to get registered. If you’re a professional this can be a smart investment :).

#2 Share Your Knowledge

It’s a pretty noble choice. Why not share your valuable experience at a reasonable price with others? If you have outstanding skills at a specific game nothing stops you from compiling your tips and tricks into a detailed guide that you can sell via the Internet.

#3 Become a Blogger

Another great idea is to blog about the topic you’re interested in. This can be very remunerative. Take my website, for instance. I enjoy reviewing site building software and I run a blog SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com that is fully dedicated to website builders. And I must say it brings a stable, decent sum of money monthly. So, if you’re a passionate gamer having above average writing skills - pick one of the top website builders, build your blog and start sharing your musings in no time. When your website becomes popular you’ll be able to earn from displaying ads, joining affiliate programs, writing reviews or even selling links. Bear in mind that blogging never brings instant money. Building a powerful blog is a time- and energy-consuming process. But if you love what you do it is less painful :).

#4 Build Custom Gaming Websites

Have some coding experience? Even if you don’t, you still can build gaming websites for others :D - the market is full of code-free website building software enabling you to create full-fledged, multi-faceted websites without writing a single HTML tag. You may even use iClanWebsites as your primary tool for creating and maintaining guild websites for those who can’t find time to this themselves. Given the ease-of-use of the system and its functionality, you’ll be able to create and maintain multiple projects simultaneously, and your clients will be definitely satisfied.

#5 Become a Game Tester

You may be forgiven for thinking game testing is easy and fun. It is partly true, but you should realize that it is also a very responsible, tedious and sometimes exhausting occupation. Testers often do a lot of paperwork - their job implies documenting the testing in extreme detail.

Besides these, there are many other ways to earn from gaming: gold farming (selling in-game items and currency), developing apps, selling old accounts etc. Just turn on your imagination and you will certainly find a way to combine the pleasant and the useful!


My name is Howard Steele. Besides gaming, I know how to make money from website building and blogging :). Visit my personal website to find the optimal website building software for your particular case. I like meeting new people, so feel free to ask me for advice via my social accounts on Twitter and Facebook.


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