Clans Of Differing Tastes: How To Keep The Troops Together

Posted on 17 January in Gaming

When it comes to keeping your clan together it can be hard enough when it comes to the divisions caused by varying game tastes, let alone the split created by different platforms.

The obvious solution for keeping them together is social networking, such as the networking capabilities readily available on our clan websites and guild websites, or through voice communication with the likes of TeamSpeak and Mumble.

But in reality these options don’t always provide sustainable solutions to what will always be an ongoing problem; posing the question of how to create a feeling of togetherness amongst your troops when their time playing together is diminished by differing tastes.

As a solution to this, we have detailed what we believe to be the best ways of keeping a clan together during a time that is rife with contrasting gaming preferences:
  1. Find a common ground for your members. Ordinarily, clans have solid foundations within a single game. This is especially true of the MMORPG market but less true of the FPS market, whose audiences can commonly find that the style of gameplay is ubiquitous amongst FPS releases. Whichever genre your clan belongs to, however, it is useful to focus on a specific game and organise weekly events for that game. Even just a weekly gathering of the guild’s members will help people be continually familiar with the community and help remove marginalised sects.
  2. Make sure ranking members are dynamic. It is important that no group or player in your guild goes neglected by the senior staff. This is for a multitude of reasons, but primarily it helps monitor guild’s standards, maintains appropriate behaviour between members and, more importantly, maintains the relationship between member and guild that is vital for a healthy community. In addition, the dynamic element not only refers to the officer’s amenable choice of games or their prolific gaming collection, but also to their social ability to bring together groups of the guild that feel as though they are on the outskirts.
  3. Introduce your members to new multiplayer opportunities. Whilst it is true that different players will invariably prefer certain games to others, it is always useful to introduce less heard of games to your guild. Our clan hosting services enable you to release information about new and old games to all of your members, and this presents the community with new opportunities to game with members that they would not have otherwise. Retro games are a great example of this, such as the likes of Worms. Or in more recent years, even the most reluctant FPS player can have a blast on DayZ, providing endless hours of multiplayer entertainment and team building fun.
Each of these three is equally important to maintaining the collective communal spirit of your guild. Whichever route you opt for, our guild hosting services and guild websites provide you with a stage to make it all happen.

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