How Do Clans & Guilds Differ Across Game Genres?

Posted on 20 October in Gaming

The gaming industry has changed drastically over the past decade. Once upon a time the terms ‘clan’ and ‘guild’ were spoken only be a few in the shadows, afraid that public declaration of their favorite past times would render them social curiosities. Luckily for us and the rest of the world, times have changed and the expansion of the gaming industry has resulted in increased exposure of these social hubs, these virtual communities bannered and united by a single name or acronym.

Much of this we have to thank console gaming, and the likes of Call of Duty, FIFA and other annual celebrated releases have thrown gaming into the sunlight of acceptable pastimes.   And just like any real life sport or activity, for games to thrive they require team play, and the strong focus on team spirit and collaboration is the reason that clans have grown to be an expected part of the gaming experience.

But what does being in a clan mean?

First and foremost, it means being part of a team. Clan hosting means to create a community either through clan websites or in-game mechanics and unite a group of like minded gamers. Whether for social purposes or competitive play, being in a clan is about belonging somewhere in the vast virtual world and having regular people to play with.

So what does the game genre have to do with it?

Sometimes clans are just about having fun together in a mutually beloved game. But what makes each clan unique are their aims, what players want out of their game and what they want out of playing with each other. Clans are a featured part of the competitive scene and for many gamers the sole purpose of playing together is to be the best and to compete at the top. In these cases play style and purpose becomes the main difference between clans and game genres.

MMORPGs are really the hub of clan and guilds, and games such as WoW account for a large percentage of clan based activity. Of course there is still room for competitive play here, but it is more of a niche in the player base and isn’t on the same level as clans belonging to the FPS (first person shooter) and RTS (real time strategy) genre. Each of these respectively cater to the more hardcore and competitive crowd, that seek enjoyment from top tier play. It doesn’t necessarily mean that socializing is off the cards, but at the core of their motif is a will to be the best and often pleasantries get thrown out of the window to reach that end. The reduced emphasis on socializing is also partly due to the genre’s natural focus on competitive play over player interaction. Other than options to chat in the lobby, the games’ limited options for interacting with one another ultimately affect the clans that play them, generating contrasting atmospheres to MMORPGs.

What are the other differences?

Another noteworthy difference between clans and game genres is size. As the name suggests, social clans usually involve large numbers. On an MMORPG guilds that seek endgame content necessitate large numbers due to the requirement of raiding and large scale PVP (and if you’ve ever tried World versus World on Guild Wars 2, you know what we’re talking about). The likes of Starcraft and Counter Strike meanwhile are a built around much smaller skilled teams that require a high amount of familiarity with one another to play at the desired level.

What about the MOBA genre?

Lastly there is a new genre of game that appeals to a wider variety of clans. The MOBA genre, albeit mostly exclusive to PC gaming, is one of the fastest growing gaming genres in existence. Consequently there are now limitless clan websites that provide communities to the hundreds of thousands of people that play MOBA (with League of Legends being the most popular example). Appealing to both the casual and the hardcore competitive gamer (with competitions exceeding a million dollars in prize money), the MOBA genre is a modern blend of gaming moods and styles that functions very naturally in the clan world.

But whichever the game of choice and style of play, clans are a great way to explore the gaming world. So check out our clan & guild hosting services, and through the thousands of clans that use them you might just find one to suit you. Or perhaps, start your own.

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