How To Effectively Delegate Tasks To Your Members

Posted on 23 February in Gaming

Delegation within a clan or guild is never an easy thing. It is, however, often necessary, especially if a clan grows too large for the organisation to be done solely by the guild leader, or in instances that a clan accommodates more than one game and has its own micro community for each game. For example, MMORPG guilds that branch off into one or two additional games will necessitate that the tasks of coordinating the extra games be delegated to other senior members of the guild.

Of course, when a guild grows to a greater size than anticipated, a guild leader must begin to delegate his responsibilities to his other members regardless, or else be prepared to commit a large percentage of his time into management. But this will never result in a healthily ran guild; day-to-day operations run far smoother when coordinated between a number of people (and this way, nobody starts to feel like the guild is a full time job!).

Through our guild website hosting services, we know all about the pressures placed on leaders to organise their guilds and keep active with events and meetings. Here are three valuable tips that we believe will help leaders start upon their road of delegation:
  1. Implement guild structure.  A sound structure will be the first step to ensuring an effective delegation of guild tasks. Of course you will only want to delegate leader’s responsibilities to people whom you believe can handle them. It is likely that you will already have senior members of the guild, or at least trusted members who you know well, thus leaving you in a strong position to start implementing a suitable level of delegation. It is also important to consider that there are simply some tasks better suited to individuals other than the guild leader. For example, an officer may have a better handle and grasp on organising in-game events, and thus such tasks can be better delegated to his handling
  2. Make use of the tools available to you. Our clan website hosting services make it easy for guild leaders to delegate. With Admin Controls over other members’ website permissions, you can allocate responsibility and power in accordance with which task is being delegated to a specific individual. This includes the ability to give a member complete control over schedules and calendars, ultimately giving them what they need to perform their role effectively.
  3. Know your members’ strengths. As we touched upon earlier, there is a value in knowing the strength and weaknesses of each of your guild members, especially the senior members of the guild. This way you will know which tasks are best suited to each member, and ultimately it’ll further strengthen the fabric of your guild by maximising and utilising its best assets. It is without doubt that some people are not suited to managing people, but better suited to such things as recruitment campaigns, and it is essential to take these things into consideration.
Guilds run best when the burden of power is shared amongst a number of members. As a leader, it is important to invest into each member, thus giving them a reason to invest back. With all the features currently available on clan websites and guild websites, there is no real reason to avoid delegating – after all, a guild leader can’t be expected to do everything!

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