7 Useful Tips On How To Run A Successful Clan or Guild

Posted on 9 October in Gaming


So You Want To Run A Successful Guild Or Clan?

Running a clan or guild is hard work, but can really be a very rewarding and fun experience if you do it right.

Members are always leaving, recruitment can be tiresome AND you often have expenses to pay for such as gaming servers and a website.

That is why today we have come up with some little tips to help you run a successful clan or guild, that all leaders should know and understand.

1: Providing An Exciting Place To Game!

This may sound obvious, but no one is going to want to stick around and play with your clan if it is boring as hell.

Try and make it as fun as possible. Make sure you have a good community and that the "banter" is good without ever getting insulting. At the end of the day people play video games to have fun and if your clan is not fun then quite simply people will leave. A great way to do this is every once and a while playing a random game that you wouldn't normally play just for fun, even if you do suck!

2: Having An Awesome Website

Your clan, guild or gaming group needs a spot on the web to call its own and that is where iClan Websites comes into play. Not only do you need to have a guild website, but it needs to be fun, easy to navigate and get the message across of what your clan is all about.

Having a good website makes you look more professional. iClan Websites has helped various clans and guilds recruit tons of members of all skill levels. And thanks to the awesome themes, your website can really stand out from all the others. This will give you a real edge in getting the best players to notice your clan.

3: Don't Let Things Get Quiet

Look, people are always going to come and go in your clan. This in most cases will have nothing to do with your clan or guild, but usually just a case of real life getting in the way.

Always update your website and keep in contact with your members. If your website is constantly updated then people will think that you are an active clan or guild and will more likely want to be involved with you. iClan Websites has been responsible for hooking many clans up with new members. But these potential new members will not be interested if your website looks like it has zero activity going on.

4: Lead By Example

You are the boss of your clan so it all starts with you! If you want your clan members to be active on the website, then you yourself need to be active. If people see you posting stuff on there and kick starting conversations then some of your members are sure to follow. Also remember if you want people to treat each other with respect this also starts with you. If you are cool to everyone then that sets the tone for the way people in your clan or guild need to act. If you act like a jerk then chances are your clan members will follow your lead. Also make sure that there is you and then perhaps one other co-leader. Many clans or guilds get into trouble when far too many people have a say in the way things are run.

5: Host Regular Events

People join a clan or a guild because they want to play in some fun events. iClan Websites could not make it any easier for you to set up some really fun tournaments. The tournament manager is very simple to use and even better it keeps your clan playing together and that is what being in a clan is all about. Many people will leave a clan if there isn't enough gaming going on. So make sure you have as many events going on as possible. Our tournament manager, along with the event system is great for that!

6: Have A Voice Server

This may sound like an unnecessary luxury but it can really help your clan out. Not only is this a great way for you to organize your clan by talking about tactics and setting up tournaments. A voice server also lets you get to know each other better and have more fun as you are gaming. iClan Websites has a fantastic voice server network. With Teamspeak 3, Mumble or Ventrilo voice servers in the USA, EU and Australia, we’ve got you covered.

7: Just Have Fun

Just have fun while gaming. Even if that means gaming alone – not everyone likes being in a clan or guild, but if you do choose to setup your own then have a blast! No one will follow you if you're grumpy or negative. Just have fun and those who are having equal amounts of fun will more likely follow you.

What has worked well for you in the past?

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