Inner Clan Competition - Should It Be Encouraged?

Posted on 17 February in Gaming

Inner clan competition is a thing commonly seen within competitive gaming. Of course, more often than not the competitiveness is vented outwards in competitive play with other clans, or in tournaments and competitions. But, in many cases, competitive natures once turned on are like taps that cannot be turned off, and whether just through playing or practising tempers can run high and become detriments to a guild’s conduct.

Below are what we consider to be the pros and cons of encouraging inner clan competition: Pros:
  • Harvest the best players. Like the Spartans casting their ill-suited babies from a cliff, there are some benefits to only fostering the absolute best. With all other arguments aside, it cannot be disputed that a guild that pits members against each other day-to-day will benefit from a higher skill level. What’s more, desire to compete is a powerful incentive for improving your game, perhaps the most powerful.
  • Realistic ideas of skill level. A problem often seen in strictly team-based game is that weaker elements are able to hide behind the ‘team effort’ angle. Of course, in some games, it is easy to spot the person who is letting the group down, but it is not always the case as such features as scoreboards fail to account for all the factors of players skill. Inner clan competition, for example organised scrims through a clan website, will result in each member having a realistic idea of their own contribution to the team, their weak points and the ways in which they can improve.
  • Everything out in the open. From our experience with clans and clan website hosting services, we know that a clan that encourages competition between its members will ultimately produce a more honest and open environment. It means that players will have more opportunity to speak out about their grievances, especially where they feel other members can improve, and vice versa.
  • Adversarial environment. An always-competitive guild will naturally produce a more adversarial environment. When this relates to a guild’s members, inner clan competition can have the insidious effect of causing conflict, tension and pettiness (a remark at one player might naturally cause that player to seek revenge). Of course, unlike competition between clans and guilds, competition between members can ferment into a bad atmosphere, especially due to the at times claustrophobic nature of voice channels and hours upon hours gaming with one another.
  • Potential to take the fun from the game. There a lot of gamers that derive their entertainment directly from competing, and a thirst for competition is something that all gamers have some idea of. But it is also true that a lot of players will prefer to keep that between guilds rather than between members, as the close proximity of guild mates too easily allows for remarks, comments and attitudes to be taken the wrong way. In these cases, players can begin to feel that the fun is being drained from their game, a perforation of their entertainment caused by friends too often seeking to compete with one another
A big portion of the above will depend on what your clan seeks from a game, whether it intends to compete in top tier or simply compete for fun. For all forms of competition, however, our guild website hosting services enable you to organise calendar schedules for practising with one another or simply playing together.

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