Is Piracy Hurting Future Game Development?

Posted on 13 October in Gaming
gaming-piracy The world is moving towards an ever more technical and connected place. When it comes to the IT world, the rise in thefts, piracy and other illegal actions are heading to peak levels. In gaming, the main problems that arise are violation of rights for developers and publishers. Does this mean piracy is destroying the interest and innovation of game developers?

What is Piracy?

Piracy is an action or activity in which copies of a game are being made without consulting or making authorization from the game developer. Many game developers are attempting to combat this issue by forcing gamers to login to play – in which they are required to have an activated and authorized account. Does Steam strike any bells? However, many games you see on the shelves at your local game store do not require this kind of authorization and could be potentially copied illegally.

The Reasons of Privacy

The main and most obvious reason for piracy to take place is to make profits out of someone else’s efforts and hard work. The simplest way of doing this is to buy a legitimate game, then make several copies of it and sell those copies on. This benefits the buyer and the seller at the cost of the game developer and the wider community. If developers miss out on valuable sales due to piracy then they are less likely to afford or even be motivated for future game development, negatively impacting gamers in the future.

Disadvantages of Piracy

If you are one of those who prefer buying 3 pirated games over 1 legitimate game you definitely have no idea what the disadvantages are. Keeping the fact you are equally involved in an activity that is generally a theft of one’s hard word to a side, the bigger disadvantage involves you hurting future game development.

Why should you buy the real copy?

Piracy isn’t just limited to video games, of course. This is an industry wide issue and a solid solution to this problem isn’t likely to come around anytime soon. But one rule is for certain: you always get what you pay for.

Genuine games come with several add-ons and bonus features compared to that of the pirated copy. Some games come with multiplayer support, which is not available on the pirated copy. The real set-back of piracy comes into play if you are a console user. PlayStation and Xbox have the anti-piracy checks which does not allow pirated games to be played on the console and most of the times the ability to go for multiplayer gaming is stolen away forever.

Do everyone a favor. Next time you’re tempted to buy a pirate copy of a game, piece of music or any other digital product, buy it. We all love to shoot other people in the head, blow things up, sit on grenades, fly planes into cliffs and slay dragons. Let's continue to be excited for future game releases.

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