Is playing FPS by yourself OK?

Posted on 4 October in Gaming
playing_fps_by_yourself When it comes to first person shooters it is fair to say that many gamers love getting online and blowing either their buddies or complete strangers away. It can be an absolute blast to play an online first person shooter. But this last console generation really has put out some absolutely phenomenal single player focused first person shooters. Many of these feature stories that are incredibly well written and acted. This is a small selection of some of the best story driven first person shooters.

Prey (2006)

This may seem like an odd one to start the list with, but Prey offered a fantastic sci-fi story that many gamers really overlooked when it was first released. While in terms of the action it may be a very easy game to beat. And it really did not offer anything radically new to the first person shooter genre. Yet that really doesn’t matter one little bit. The game featured a fantastic story that saw you playing as the rebellious Tommy Twodi who is a Cherokee who is sick of hearing about his heritage and wants to leave the reservation he and his girlfriend live on. Well he gets his chance when the whole place is abducted into this huge alien spacecraft. Tommy needs to explore the craft to save his girlfriend and the human race. It really is an awesome story that if you are a fan of sci-fi will love.

Bioshock 1 & 2 (2007, 2010)

You cannot talk about story driven games without mentioning the Bioshock series. These two games are a masterpiece. You play the role of a dude called jack whose plane goes down over the ocean. Making your way to what looks like a lighthouse you find yourself taken down to the beautiful under water world of Rapture. The first time you see Rapture really is just jaw dropping. The story throws you into the middle of some kind of civil war that has destroyed Rapture. And also as you progress through the game, you start to uncover things about your past. This is one of those rare games where you do not even need to enjoy first person shooters to get hooked by it. Of course there was Bioshock Infinite that was released in 2013 which is a great game in its own right, but you really should start with the first two games in the series.

The Darkness

From the previews I am sure that many gamers out there thought that comic book tie in The Darkness was just going to have you being a hitman with supernatural powers and that be pretty much it. While on the surface the game may look like that. The Darkness has an incredible story full of heart break and revenge. You play the role of Jackie who becomes the head of a crime family. Jackie is one tough bad ass who also just so happens to be possessed by The Darkness which can let him unleash hell on his enemies. As well as taking on rival mobs he must face an internal battle against The Darkness which is trying to take full control over him. This game is just great and it has one of the most awesome twists in any video game. We will not spoil it for you guys, but there is a part of the game that will blow your socks off!

The Orange Box (2007)

Half Life 2 has been drooled over since it was first released on PC back in 2004. The Orange Box is the best way to experience Half Life 2 has it has the two extra episodes as well. What more can be said about Half Life 2? It really is a game that is as good as everyone says it is. The story thanks to some amazing writing and voce acting just sucks you into this war torn world. The fact that the character you play as Gordon Freeman does not even speak really is pretty incredible. You would think that would make it hard to bond with the character, but it couldn’t further from the truth. By the way as an added bonus, The Orange Box also comes with Portal and Team Fortress 2 making it perhaps one of the greatest gaming bundles in history. And do not worry if you skipped Half Life 1 as you can still get into this game right away.

Mass Effect (2007-2012)

For our last game on this list we have gone with the epic Mass Effect trilogy. This is one of those series of games where you really have to play them all. This is first person sci-fi at its absolute best. It is a perfect blend of RPG and first person shooter action all confined in a wonderful story that just got better with each chapter. The original ending may have annoyed some people, but as a whole you really cannot fault the story this game told. From beginning right until the very end (well the redesigned end) you will be hooked on the epic adventure of Commander Sheppard.

 What About You?

This of course is in no way a complete list and there are many other amazing story driven first person shooter games out there. So if we have missed your favorite then we would love to hear about it in the comments.

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