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Posted on 11 June in Gaming

Recruiting members for your clan or guild can be a difficult task these days. A lot of hard work goes in to recruiting and increasing your member count, but the most overlooked part of running a clan is how to keep those members interested and coming back for more. A good tactic to utilize is creating an e-magazine to showcase articles related to your clan or guild and the genre that you most relate to.

Creating articles that relate to your clan or guild are very important

You can't keep members interested if the articles are about topics they have no interest in. A good strategy to use is to look through your forums, and read what you members are talking about. Look in to those topics and research them. If a hot topic on your forums is about creating better strategies in-game, do some research on different strategies and look at videos of successful tactics. Take these resources and share them in the specified article. This can not only keep your members interested, but also attract newer members that are able to view your e-magazine.

The second factor in your e-magazine is the target audience.

If your clan or guild mainly consists of FPS members, include topics about FPS games. Include those strategy resources and videos you researched. Include weapon specification that a lot of the players like to use. You can even keep your members updated on upcoming games within the genre. With gaming conventions happening all the time, there are countless new games being introduced and displayed. This will not only give your members something to look forward to, but also more to discuss on your forums.

In addition to the above-mentioned articles to include, you can also have member specific pages in your e-magazine. For example, you can have a member spotlight article. Choose a random member in your clan or guild and give them interview style questions. This would give a more personal feeling to your clan or guild and also improve internal relationships. If you have ranks in your clan or guild you can include promotions, job changes, or just new members. A lot of gamers also record their game play these days. Feel free to link the videos in to an article or showcase multiple videos on a page.

When creating your e-magazine, remember to have some sort of organization to it. If the content is scrambled and thrown together, it will not immerse the member in to what they are reading. Try starting with your member specific articles. Attract your clan or guild members attention with information regarding the people they are playing with, and then keep their attention with articles about the games they are playing or future games that interest them.

Get your members involved

Another way to make your e-magazine interesting is to request participation from your clan or guild members. A lot of members want to write articles about specific topics within the game they play or at least surrounding the style of game. This can be a nice incentive for members that want to participate more in their clan or guild. There is also the possibility that these members will show the articles they wrote to their friends and bring in new members.

A few resources to get an e-magazine started will be linked in the bottom. Now get out there and get your community noticed!

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