Playstation 4 vs Xbox One: Have You Picked A Side Yet?

Posted on 28 September in Gaming


A New Generation Begins!

We are rapidly approaching the dawn of a new console generation. Now you could argue that the Wii U last year kicked off this new console generation. But really it starts in the coming weeks with the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. A new console brings just so much excitement and uncertainty that until you have one of these brand spanking new consoles under your TV, you really cannot be 100 percent sure about anything to do with them. You can read all the previews and watch all the videos in the world, but you still really do not know what these are like until you have experienced them for yourself.

Just A Few Days Between Launches

What makes this upcoming console generation so interesting is the way that they are both being released so close together. There has been speculation for months about how close the Playstation 4 and Xbox One would be released in relation to each other. Many people even speculated that they would be launched on the very same day, which would have just been insane. However we now know that in the USA, Playstation 4 will lead this dance on the 15th of November and the Xbox One will be following up on the 22nd. In Europe things are reversed with the Xbox One leading on November 22nd and the Playstation 4 a week later on the 29th. Many gamers unless they are rich will have to pick one or the other.

Fanboys Have It Easy!

If you are a one console gamer then this really is not an issue for you. It is no secret that there are gamers who are just Xbox or Playstation fans and for those guys there is no choice, they have their brand and that is that. For gamers who are more into the games than the consoles they play them on the choice can be quite complicated. Many gamers no doubt will eventually get both consoles, but this holiday season many will have to make that choice of Xbox One or Playstation 4. And this can be a very tough decision to make.

Should I As A Gamer Take A Stand?

Many gamers were extremely turned off by the reveal of the Xbox One. If Microsoft had their way gamers would need to give a blood sample before they fired up a game. But they did stand down and listen to the majority of gamers who were deeply upset over the actions they took. So some people who jumped over the fence to Sony have climbed back under the fence now that Microsoft have gotten their act together. But for some, even though they like the look of the Xbox One are staying with Sony because out of the two console reveals Sony actually looked like they had the gamers interest at heart. And many gamers still have that bad taste in their mouth from the way Microsoft originally wanted the Xbox One to be.

Price vs Games

The main two aspects that will likely make people either side with the Playstation 4 or Xbox one will no doubt be the price of the consoles, or the launch games. Both consoles have a decent line up of games. Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 are sure to be big hits for the Xbox One. While Playstation 4 adopters will have exclusives like Knack and the latest Killzone title. As well as the games there is also that price difference. Playstation 4 is notably cheaper and as of yet there is no strong argument that the mandatory Kinect that comes with the Xbox One justifies that higher price.

So What Is The Best Option?

Right now it is really tough to say which of these consoles would be better under your TV this holiday season. Both really do look amazing and the next generation of console gaming certainly does look incredibly bright. But at the end of the day your choice if you have no alliance to Sony or Microsoft will most likely be on the fact if you think the Kinect is worth that extra 100 bucks. Or if you would rather use that extra 100 bucks to get an extra game for the Playstation 4.

No matter what your choice, iClan Websites will be supporting both consoles in our web hosting and we’d love to hear what you think below.

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