Premium Users Can Now Use BB CODE on their Activity Feed

Posted on 26 October in Updates

Quick Update for the month of October, Premium users can now post on their activity feeds using BB Codes. You can now post your daily status with a touch of style in it. Isn’t that amazing? This feature was requested by one of our customers and so we have listened and implemented it.

Premium users can now use BB Codes when posting to their activity feed and will be able to customize their own status/es with the help of this new implementation.

Here are some areas that you can be able to use BB code on your website.

As an example, we will be posting using a BB Code on our activity feed:

Here is the end result:

For some people that wants to know how to use BB Code, you can simply go to websites that teaches BB Code or you can click HERE to learn.

And that’s it for now! We plan to deliver new great updates for iClan Websites next month so stay tuned for more! More new features to come so keep those votes up and feel free to email us at [email protected]

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