Customizable Rosters, Recruitment Options, Award Points, Profile Redesign + More!

Posted on 26 September in Gaming
This update brings quite a few new features, mainly making it easier to manage and award your members. Lets see the details!

Customizable Rosters + Recruitment Options


You now have the ability to add as many rosters to your site as you like. This is great for multi-gaming communities or for better organizing your members. Each member can belong to multiple rosters. We've also made it easier to display if and what you're recruiting for.

Award Points

awards Awards are now weighted with points. You award points to your members, when a member reaches a required number of points they are awarded. All awards are summarized on a tidy page, so you can see who has been awarded what.

Profile Redesigns

profiles Profiles have had a revamp! After quizzing our users, it was clear there were room for improvement. Profiles now display relevant information about your members, making it easier to find information such as email addresses.

Cleaner Likes & Comments + Activity Scrolling

activity Liking and comments have been cleaned up, motivated by a more lean and cleaner activity feed. Also, the activity feed automatically loads the next page after scrolling to the end. Nice!

Improved Panel Layouts

panels Adding panels to your site is now easier than ever. We're releasing new panels at a very rapid rate and so we thought we'd clean this up and make it easier to find the panel your looking for. Also, panels can now be placed above and below the main website content.
RSS Feed Panel
RSS feeds are very useful for displaying streams of information. Now you can stream information from external sources with the RSS feed panel.
Customizable Tournament Team Names
When hosting large tournaments it can get confusing who belongs to what team. This is why we decided to add the ability to customize the team names.
Birthdays Panel
The birthdays panel displays a list of members who are celebrating their birthday this month along with their age.
Image Bank
The image bank allows you to share your graphics and images with other clan & guild leaders. Graphics such as banners, web backgrounds & rank images can be placed in the image bank. You're encouraged to contribute!
Hidden Categories / Multiple Forums
Forum categories can now be hidden off the main forum index. Some members wanted to have multiple forums on a single website. This can be achieved by hiding a category from the forum index and adding a link to the category in the main menu.
Google+ Panel
As social media continues to develop and expand onto other platforms (and because Google want a piece of the social networking pie), we decided to add a Google+ panel. Follow our Google+ page!
Deeper Admin Levels
Deeper admin access levels have been added to allow for member registration and application approval/rejection. This makes it possible to assign a few members the ability to review registrations and applications.
Marquee BB Code
The [marquee][/marquee] BB code as been added. This moves whatever you put inside from the right to the left. That's it! Thanks for all the feedback the past few weeks and please keep the steady stream of feedback coming. Please post your comments below or your feature requests in the forum. Don't forget you can always follow the development process on Twitter and on Facebook.

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