Team Manager: New Patch Updates!

Posted on 2 July in Updates

A quick new update for the Team Manager, we have now released several updates for the team manager feature and have added a couple of new things and fixes to make it better. Some other updates on other features as well such as Activity Page Image Uploading Restrictions.

Team Managers can edit Recruitment Forms

Before, there was an issue with Team managers not able to edit recruitment forms, but now, we have release a patch update so that Team Managers can now edit the corresponding recruitment forms for their own teams. This will help Team Managers to organize their teams better without any help from the Admins.

Teams can be added to LeaderBoards via Admin Panel

With this new patch, Teams can now be added to the Leaderboards via accessing through Admin Panel > League Stats > Manage a League.

Additionally, Teams can now input in metrics for use in leaderboards when they're members of that league.

Added ability for Admin to add/remove members across all teams

Admins can now have the ability to add/remove members across all teams that was created. Team Managers can now also remove members as well. This will solve the issue that was raised before that managers or admins can’t remove members.

With all these patch updates for the Team Manager, we are happy to announce that we have already added the Team Manager on our Premium Plans.

A Premium Subscription will now have a limit of 6 teams and 10 team members per team and Premium + Subscription will have Unlimited Teams and Team Members.

For more information, please visit our Pricing page: Click Here

Remove Activity page image uploading resizing on Premium subs and up

So we have removed the upload resizing on Premium subs and up, it will be Activity Feed > 1000px width and Galleries > 1200px width.

Don’t frown yet, we have so much more things to add in the Team Manager to make it more useful for all types of clans out there. We will be release a new update this month again. So stay tuned for more!

And that’s it for now! We plan to deliver new great updates for the Team Manager feature next month so stay tuned for more! More new features to come so keep those votes up and feel free to email us at [email protected]

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Any word on when the search feature will be working again? Our website has not been able to use a search feature for months, multiple tickets, the feature IS enabled, but it still does not show any results.
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Welcome guys
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Hardcore League
Awesome! We love us some iClans!
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