The Importance of Clan & Guild Team Practice

Posted on 14 June in Gaming

Playing in a competitive team, clan or guild can be stressful, difficult and time consuming. But lots of people do it. Why? Because of the rush and purpose that competition brings to people. Being part of a massive game/match between two or more teams can be incredibly exciting, and winning games makes all the effort worth it.

But there are steps players and teams need to take in order to make sure that they can compete at a high level of play. One of which is team practice. Developing teamwork, skills and synergy with your team members can give you a massive edge over enemy teams who don't participate in this practice. One of the best parts about team practice is that it allows you to formulate strategies, meaning that you can plan a course of action before your matches.

Of course, it might not be fun and everybody might not be able to turn up. In which case you have to decide whether you want to play more casually, or if you want to make sure everyone turns up to practice when they're supposed to. The second route will lead to more success in terms of winning games, but it can force you to sacrifice some of the social aspects of your guild, clan or team.

There are two good ways to get around this. Firstly, you can have multiple team practices. Smaller groups can get together and practice rather than just a whole team. Not only does this make it easier for scheduling reasons, but a small group can often learn more than a big one - similar to how a smaller class works better than a big one in school. Of course, you can always choose to schedule practices around team members. But this can get very hard if you have a big clan/guild/team and you may find yourself getting no practice whatsoever.

Whichever way you choose to go about it, team practice can have a variety of benefits. What these benefits are depends on the team leader who is organizing them, as well as the people that participate in them.

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