The Pros and Cons of Growing Clans & Guilds

Posted on 15 October in Gaming
With the growing emphasis on multiplayer across all games there has never been a better time to join a clan. Once exclusive to MMORPGs and the competitive crowd, clans have grown to be a staple part of the gaming experience, and many gamers are turning to them to explore the full potential of their favourite games. Whether the game features a clan function or a guild option, websites make it possible for just about any game to utilize the benefits of these micro communities.The hard choice is deciding which to join. Console and PC gamers alike are faced with near limitless guild options, from notoriously competitive guilds to more relaxed social guilds. More than this, however, is the choice of whether to join a large or a small clan. Hosting a large clan can be a stressful and problematic business, and ensuring that the guild’s standards and atmosphere remain consistent can more often than not lead to conflict. But on the flip side, large clans guarantee a wealth of people to play with and protect you from the grim sting of solitude. Yet the choice can often prove to be more complex than this, and as experienced gamers we feel it our duty to point out the pros and cons of large clans.

The Advantages of Growing - And How To Do It

A lot of the decision comes down to individual personality. Some people are naturally inclined to join a large community because it gives them a solid identity as part of a larger collective. This is especially true if you choose to play a variety of games, as often large clans will focus on a single game but dabble in many. For example, a large clan that plays World of Warcraft will more often than not have players that play Battlefield or Starcraft. Naturally, this appeals to people who dislike the idea of joining multiple clans, but still feel that they enjoy their games more with people that they know. A less obvious (or less acknowledged) pro about large clans is that it provides you a more well-rounded and solid support network. This does not only relate to formal ranking structure, but also to a balance of players with different personalities, ages and geographic origins. Smaller clans often feel claustrophobic, especially if any two members do not get on. Awkward atmospheres are stifling and are detrimental to the overall fun of the gaming experience, for everybody involved. Large clans mitigate this issue as they have more allowance for smaller conflicts due to the sheer amount of members. Having trouble with another member? No worries, just jump channel and socialise elsewhere. Growing your community can be a challenge, but we've put together a simple checklist that can help grow your clan or guild.

Cons of Having a Huge Clan

Whilst large communities can be appealing for some, they are also discouraging for others because they lack intimacy. It is not unheard of for large guilds to have divisions and a segregated community, with one half of the guild not knowing the other. Guild websites and clan websites exist to bring people together within a tight knit group, but the larger the guild the more compromised this union can become. Of course much of this varies from guild to guild, but most experienced gamers will be able to tell you about an experience they have had with a large guild comprised of cliques, inevitably leading to individual members becoming marginalised from the ‘core’ group. There is also a darker side to the use of ranking structures. If you’re looking for a close group of friends, a smaller clan might be the better choice for you. Large guilds are typically characterised by their ranking system which establishes a hierarchy between its members, from leaders to officers to ordinary members. This is a two-sided coin. On one hand the structure can be beneficial tool for maintaining an orderly guild, but on the other it can lead to a conflict of egos and a divided community. Lastly, smaller guilds are better for maintaining a higher standard of skill. This is particularly true for competitive games, as typically smaller guilds wield better reputations. Whichever you decide, clans are a great way to explore the full potential of a game, and our clan websites and clan hosting services are here to help you build your community. With amazing clan & guild features and a wide host of guild templates, we've got you covered and are looking forward to help grow your community, to any size you're comfortable with.

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