Two New Updates: Ability to Delete Comments from a Chat box and the Check-In Button for Tournaments

Posted on 30 September in Updates

September’s about to end, and we are here to present to you two new updates that was the Top Picked from our Feature Voting List. There were lots of choices but these two are the most voted and so we decided to implement this on iClan Websites.

Ability to Delete Single or Multiple Comments in a Chatbox

We know that sometimes, when we send some personal chats/messages to our friends or clan mates, there is a time that we intend to alter it and delete the message for some reason.

Thus, we have implemented this feature whereas the user that sent message can either delete a single comment or cleanup the entire chats that he/she has sent.

In this image, we can see that “Arnulfo” has sent in a message to James.

 photo Blog 5.1_zps0g1047fy.png

We then go to the profile of “Arnulfo” who has sent the message and delete a single comment in the chatbox.

 photo Blog 5.2_zpsayth5uk2.png

You can now see in this image that the previous comment was already deleted.

 photo Blog 5.3_zps3t8xiqio.png

Check-In Button for Tournaments

Many have requested for this feature to be implemented thus we deliver to you this new feature whereas Tournament Organizers can now track down if their members are already ready or not.

Just simply create a tournament by going to Admin Panel > Menu > Tournaments

 photo Blog 6.1_zps4wuqrojr.png

After joining a tournament, players/members can now click “Check-In” or “Check-Out” for them notify the organizers or other members on the tournament if they are already ready for the tournament to start.

 photo Blog 6.2_zpsr26lbhuc.png

You can visually see this with a circular "green" sign beside the member’s name.

 photo Blog 6.3_zpsrb0bqafe.png

We hope that these two new features would help our users to enjoy and utilize more of what we can offer to the community.

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This is awesome!
+0 · 24 October 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
We used to be able to moderate the chat box until you removed that feature, any chance of bringing that back?
+0 · 1 October 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Hey, care to open a ticket so that we can discuss this? :)
+0 · 3 October 2016 · You like thisLike
Great! :)
+1 · 30 September 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Hey thanks! :) cheers for more features to come!
+0 · 3 October 2016 · You like thisLike
+1 · 30 September 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Hey thanks! ;)
+0 · 3 October 2016 · You like thisLike
+1 · 30 September 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
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