Update: Automations, Split Forum Topics, News Post Enhancements + more!

Posted on 17 March in Updates
Dear gamers, We're once again excited to be releasing further updates to our gaming CMS!


Perform powerful actions on your members based on different conditions automatically! Anything from rank upgrades, issuing awards, sending emails or issuing infractions can be automated based on various conditions. This solves you doing boring, mundane tasks on a daily basis. Let the automation feature take care of things for you! When the conditions you set (either any or all) are satisfied, actions will be taken on those members. Choose from 24 conditions:
  • Primary rank
  • Secondary rank
  • Number of forum topics
  • Number of days registered
  • Days since last post
  • Number of posts
  • Number of likes
  • Number of award points
  • Number of wins
  • Number of losses
  • Number of events participated in
  • Number of tournaments participated in
  • Number of events participated in
  • Number of infractions
  • Number of posts in a board
  • Number of topics in a board
  • Amount donated
  • Number of visits
  • Number of days inactive
  • Age of member
  • Country of member
  • Timezone of member
  • IP is banned
  • User is banned
Choose from 16 different actions:
  • Set primary rank to
  • Overwrite all secondary ranks
  • Add to secondary ranks
  • Remove from secondary ranks
  • Set as member of the moment
  • Issue award
  • Award points
  • Issue infraction
  • Remove infraction
  • Ban by IP address
  • Ban by user account
  • Delete IP ban
  • Delete user ban
  • Issue member alert
  • Send email
  • Send private message
Get creative and automate your inner team processes!

News Post Enhancements

Posting news updates is an important feature you'll often use as a leader. Keeping your members up to date is critical. For this reason and based off your feedback, we've added the following features to news posts:
  • Schedule news posts into the future / edit the time of post
  • Post anonymously - hides who made the news post
  • News categories - categorize your news psts
We're sure these new enhancements will benefit many of you!

Split Forum Topics

Sometimes forum topics go off topic. So we've added a split feature, which allows you to split the topic at any post and also customize the new name for the topic.

Affiliate Commissions - Increased to 50%!

We're happy to announce better payouts to our affiliates. Affiliates will now be paid 50% recurring for every customer referred to us. To sign up to the affiliate program, in your admin panel visit Home > Affiliate Program.

Free 14 Day Premium Trial

All of our premium plans now come with a free 14 day premium trial! This is perfect if you haven't already tried our premium plans - try any premium plan risk free for 14 days. If you enjoy using the features then just continue - if not you can cancel at anytime.

Smaller Changes

  • The [New] tag is now displayed in the forum index page
  • When members register - you'll now be able to resend the activation email if it never delivers first time round. You can also delete pending activation requests too.
  • Gallery and contact us pages have been added to the theme builder and panel layouts for multi-theme page customization
  • PayPal donations now automatically sets the locale to your own country
  • An option to remove the @iClanWebsites Twitter handle on all tweets has been added
  • Added ability to set a delay in number of seconds for the popup announcements feature
  • The TS viewer panel can now be used for any TeamSpeak 3 server - even servers not hosted by us.
  • Rank tag position has been added (before of after).
  • Links inside the Admin Panel have been rearranged to most commonly used at the top to least used at the bottom.
Thank you everyone for your continued feedback! If you have any further requests or notice any bugs, please be sure to open a ticket from inside your admin panel.

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