Update: Clickable banner to direct to homepage

Posted on 31 July in Updates

Update: Clickable banner to direct to homepage

In today’s featured Update, we have picked the most voted feature from the Feature Voting List and that is the “Clickable Banner to direct back to homepage”. The iClan Website community have voted for this and that will surely help out users that wants an easier shortcut back to your homepage.

In this update, there will be an additional setting that is being added on the Main Settings of your Admin Panel. You can access it by going to Admin Panel > Menu > Main Settings > Functionality > Scroll down to the bottom and look for “Clickable Banner”. Just check the box and hit Save. Afterwards, when you go to your website and hover over your banner, you can see that it is now a clickable banner that redirects the user back to its homepage.

 photo Blog 3.1_zps4oypogpt.png

With this new feature – our customers will be able to optionally set their own personal setting on whether to make their website banner act like a reset-button that will take them back to their own homepage.

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mcrebelpride president
+0 · 24 September 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Justin Rozario
got it !
+0 · 4 August 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Can you customize the link? Or does it always have to go to the home page?
+0 · 3 August 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
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