Update: Custom 404 Pages, Events Moderation + News Post Excerpts!

Posted on 14 January in Updates

Welcome to 2014! 2013 was a great year for iClan Websites. As many of you are aware, we grew an enormous 680% in the past 12 months and there's no sign of this slowing down anytime soon. We've been passionately building an amazing clan & guild CMS that is being used by more gamers than ever before. Thank you everyone! We will continue to improve our service and implement the features you request throughout 2014.

Without further ado, lets kick start this year with another action packed update!

Custom 404 Error Pages

Design your own custom 404 pages when visitors browse to unknown files or pages. Design these with care - provide something of interest to your visitors to keep them browsing your website.

Event User Moderation

Admins can now fully moderate event members. Admins can add members to events and update their status, to either 'attending', 'not attending' and 'maybe attending'. Just click on a members profile picture on the events page and a popup will appear giving you these options.

Mass Update Member Ranks & Send Emails

Now you can perform useful functions from the members list inside your admin panel. With multiple members selected, you can:
  • Update their primary and additional ranks in one go
  • Send select members an email
This makes it much easier for communities managing large numbers of members.

News Post Excerpts

Now you can enter optional excerpts for each of your news posts and turn your news stream into a website blog. If you enter very long news posts, you may wish to keep your news page clean and tidy. This can be done with news excerpts. Just enter a preview of the news post which will be displayed in the news page, then to finish reading the user will click through to view the full post.

Themed Editors

The editor now follows your website theme by default, even inside your admin panel! This makes it easier for you to create and design your posts - so you know exactly how each post will be displayed when posted to your website.

Smaller Changes

As with every update, there are always smaller tweaks and changes to increase the user experience to new levels. Here are the important ones:
  • Members can now set an option that prevents any non-admin from sending them a private message. To enable this option, edit your profile, click privacy settings and enable the 'Private Message Block' option.
  • 'Mark as unread' has been added to forum topics.
  • Multi-theme pages have been added for the shopping pages.
  • Global turn off new location on login option. Previously, if you logged in from a new location then an email was sent to the members account informing them of a possible security breach. Now admins have the ability to turn this off for all members. This option is also now disabled by default.
  • Forum activity panel options - select the number of items to be shown in the forum panel and/or restrict the boards to be shown.
Many bugs were killed in the creation of this update. If you have any feedback, problems or further feature requests please let us know. Thank you!

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