Update: Friend Requests, Rank Labels + Improved What's New!

Posted on 19 May in Updates

Dear all,

Yet another update has been released today!

Friend Requests

When in a large gaming community we form special bonds with those around us. For this reason we have added a friend requests feature.
  • Send friend requests
  • Accept/decline requests
  • Show a list of friends in your profile
  • Restrict access to your profile only to your friends

Rank Labels

The rank label feature displays a small bit of text next to a members name. To enable the rank label, just edit a rank and add a label, then assign this as a primary rank to a member. You can customise its colour and background colour. This feature is great for differentiating members with different responsibilities/privileges!

What's New

The what's new feature has been revamped to be much more useful. It is sometimes difficult to see what has been going on since your last visit. The what's new feature now truly shows everything that has been happening since your last visit, allowing you to keep better informed by all community movements.

Further Changes

  • To encourage members to post status updates, a quick status update button has been added to the main menu.
  • Added ability to change time format from 12 hour to 24 hour.
  • Added ability to add a poll to a topic that doesn't already have a poll.
  • Added ability to add a text glow for primary ranks in addition to labels.
  • Added an iClan Websites signup button to the main menu. Premium users can disable this in the main settings.
Thank you everyone for your continued feedback! If you have any questions or comments about this update, please leave your messages below or feel free to open a ticket from inside your admin panel.

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