Update: German Translation has now been released for iClan Websites!

Posted on 16 February in Updates

We have been receiving a lot of request from our customers to have iClan Websites be available in other languages. One of the most requested language was German. Before, users are only using the Translation Feature found on the Admin Panel to translate the entire website into German and this is a hassle for customers as well as other people that prefer to use their own language. Therefore, iClan Websites hired a German Translator together with our developers to work with making iClan Websites be available in German language.

And as a token of appreciation to our German customers, we are happy to announce that iClan Websites can now be viewed in German. With just a few clicks you can enjoy the new interface with your clan and/or guild!

 photo german_zpsvth6vdhf.png

In this image, you can see the new button for choosing what language you want to use (English or German). This feature is accessible both in iClan Website's Homepage and/or in your Admin Panel.

 photo german1_zpsifjazm2f.png

If you choose the German Flag, the entire interface for iClan Websites will be in German, including the Admin panel and its subsequent menus and options. To revert back to English, just choose the England flag and it should load up back to English.

 photo german2_zpsktjc7kqx.png

With the updated feature, we expect that German customers of iClan Websites will have an easier time accessing and navigating the website and all its features. We do understand that it is best for our customers to use their own language as well, thus we guarantee that there will be more updates to come for iClan Websites Customers of other languages!

One last thing, if you would like to request for a new feature to be added, just send us a ticket!

To vote for your features, visit your Admin Panel and click "Features" at the top, and help your favorite feature be the next one that our team will develop!

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Good Job!
+0 · 17 February 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Yay... but we STILL can't copy things without getting all sorts of useless URL junk added to the end of the clipboard. >.<
+1 · 16 February 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Yep the Clipboard hijacking sucks .__.
+0 · 19 February 2016 · You like thisLike
Good job Teddy :D
+2 · 16 February 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
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