Update: Inactivity, Battlefield Server Monitors and Member Alerts!

Posted on 28 November in Updates
Today, we're happy to announce further updates to our clan & guild hosting. During the past few weeks, we asked you the following question:

Running a clan or guild can be a challenge. As a gamer, what would you say your biggest problem is?

Your response to this question was extremely varied. However, one problem many of you face as clan & guild leaders, is dealing with inactive members. Many of you have the two major problems: 1) finding who your inactive members are and B) not knowing how to reduce the number of inactive members registering on your site.

There are many ways to run a successful clan or guild. Reducing the number of inactive members on your site is one of them.

It is our strong interest to help our customers succeed with their gaming communities. Henceforth, today we have released two new features to help ease the pain many of you feel, in addition to some other cool stuff too!

Inactivity Auto Responder


The inactivity auto responder is a simple feature which sends out an automated email to your inactive members. If a member doesn't login within a set number of days then this is your chance to bring them back.

Our traffic data suggests once a member becomes inactive, they are very likely to stay as an inactive member (i.e. never come back). In your auto responder you should try to include something interesting your members will like and enjoy; a reason for them to come back to your site. A cool video for example might be a good idea.

Inactive Members List

Another simple feature designed to help you find who exactly your inactive members are. Just set the number of days to filter those who haven't logged in and a list of inactive members will appear.

Battlefield 3 & 4 Server Monitors

Battlefield 4 Server Monitors With the recent release of the hugely popular Battlefield 4, we're happy to include new Battlefield server monitors which easily integrate directly into your website. If you have a Battlefield server, add yours to your website now!

Member Alerts

Member ALerts

Member alerts allow you to send important messages to your members individually. This is designed to communicate messages in only the most extreme cases, for example when you need to warn a member for bad behaviour. Otherwise, the newsletter or private messaging functionality should be used.

The member will be locked to the alert screen and will be forced to read your message before continuing to browse your website. That's it for now. Stay tuned for further updates!

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

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