Update: League Stats, Mobile Chat and Multiple Slideshows!

Posted on 28 April in Updates

League Stats

We as gamers are generally very competitive. There's no better way to determine who the best (or worse!) players are than recording various statistics around your game of choice. Our League Stats feature is a highly customisable statistics recording feature that allows you record statistics for your players and allows the automation of statistic updates by submitting reports. We've worked very closely with our friends from IOHL - one of the largest online hockey leagues around, check them out.

Clan and guild leaderboards

Custom Leaderboards

  • Can be customised for use with almost any game, be it Call of Duty, Minecraft, Golf or Basketball
  • Create multiple leaderboards that display different metrics for different groups of members
  • Define your own custom metrics and optionally have them be calculated automatically based off other metrics, e.g. define wins and losses, then win/loss ratio = wins/losses (updated automatically)
  • Filter players based on custom variable conditions (e.g. only display players who are goalies) or metric conditions (e.g. only display players who have greater than 10 wins)
  • Order your leaderboards based on different metrics by ascending or descending
  • Add dummy members to your leaderboards for those members who haven't yet registered to your website - if they join at a later date the dummy member can be turned into a registered member
  • Go back in time and check the leaderboard state at a previous point in history
  • Divide your league up into seasons - seasons allow you to keep the same league structure but have different players and statistics for each season
  • Manually update member statistics in your admin panel


  • Allows for you and your members to submit game/match reports, which optionally update player statistics based on the report details
  • Create multiple reports for different types of players or games, and have those reports update different player statistics
  • Build your own report forms and add an unlimited number of fields to each form:
    • Single and multiple line text boxes to record match details
    • File uploads (e.g. match replays, match result screenshots)
    • Date/time of the match/game
    • Statistic submission - enter in a number and define your own calculation to update player statistics
    • Members list - select which members participated in the game
    • Checkbox - with optional statistics updating for your players
  • Report moderation allows for admins to review report submissions before they are published and statistics are updated

The League Stats feature is available on our Premium+ plan and can be setup by going to Admin Panel, Menu, League Stats.

Mobile Chat

We've now added chat functionality to mobile devices! Previously this was only possible if you viewed your desktop version of your website on your mobile device. Now you can chat to your friends easily using our mobile based chat feature.

Multiple Slideshows

The slideshow panel is one of our most used features. Now you can add multiple slideshows to your pages. To add multiple slideshows, just go to Admin Panel, Menu, Panel Layouts and add new slideshows to your pages.

Whats coming next...

The next feature we're working on is a video gallery, including video uploads and hosting.

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+1 · 24 July 2018 · You like thisLike · Reply
Would be awesome if there was a app for Iclans.
+1 · 23 May 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Looks very GOOD!
+1 · 10 May 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Thanks :)
+0 · 1 June 2015 · You like thisLike
+1 · 5 May 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
The ability to change back and forth between chat channels is poor at best. And none of the messages that I type in are actually coming across anywhere. When I hit enter it shows up that it has posted but if I reload the page it is gone. Suggestions?
+0 · 29 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
We need stats and leaderboards less than we need better Availability options in the events menu, but it is nice to imagine organizing games with other Iclan based groups. Why don't you work on the calendar a little. What you are offering here is an all-in-one solution to the many great things out there like teamup.com and challonge.com so maybe you can incorporate features from these and make your tools more usable. Before I even see it, I will say that the key to making mobile chat is to see that it works well with bad, intermittent internet connection like you get over crowded public WiFi.
+2 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Good stuff, thank you for implementing/dev this IClan.
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Your welcome. Thanks for posting.
+0 · 1 June 2015 · You like thisLike
This is good. Ill have to learn how use and apply to my site tho.
+2 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Let us know how it goes :)
+0 · 1 June 2015 · You like thisLike
with the mobile chat is there for Windows phones too?
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
AS1 Prophet
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Trigger Mike X3
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
+2 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Alex Ashfold
When is the APP for mobiles phones :P chat, notifications, etc.
+3 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Big Man
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Great :)
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Looks great!
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Very nice indeed
+1 · 28 April 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
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