Update: Match Reporting, Tournaments + Hashtags!

Posted on 10 October in Updates
We're super excited to announce yet another update to iClan Websites. After listening your feedback the past few weeks, we decided the top 3 new features below were most important. This update mainly focuses on features that help your gaming, but also some cool social features too!

Match Reporting

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 14.16.55 Match reporting allows you to schedule matches, battles & wars against other clans & guilds. Match reporting has the following features:
  • Report individual game scores & details
  • Set a match status: win, loss, pending, draw, cancelled or postponed
  • Add your opponent name and link to their website
  • Win/loss stats will automatically update on member profiles
  • Custom attributes (most valuable player, event time, maps played etc)
  • Upload file attachment (e.g, scores screenshot, best moment of the match etc)
  • Matches panel: add your match details to every page
  • Match statistics - you can easily see how well/bad your team are doing in clan battles
In order to access your match reports, you'll need to add a link to the match reports page in your main menu, the link would be: http://www.your-website-address.com/matchreports. If you're having difficulty with this, just open a support ticket and we'll be glad to help you out.

Joint Round Robin + Single/Double Elimination Tournaments

After releasing the new tournament system last month we realised many clans/guilds have great difficulty recruiting the right number of players for elimination tournaments. Elimination tournaments are limited to a set number of players: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc, which is for fairness.

We tackled this issue by introducing a round robin stage before the elimination stage. The round robin stage during the beginning of the tournament will automatically determine the correct number of rounds, and therefore players, to go onto the elimination/knockout stage of the tournament. The number of players in each round robin is also automatically determined for the smallest possible number of players, so tournaments can be completed in less time.

The advantage with this setup means you're allowed any number of players greater than 8. You also have the ability to select either single elimination or double elimination too.


We've introduced hashtags! Many social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr & Flickr all have the hashtag feature. Our websites are very social, too. Hashtags are great because they allow you to tag a keyword or phrase that allows other members to search for. Not only has the hashtag feature been added, but it's also allowed us to create a tag cloud panel too. The tag cloud is a mash up of your most commonly used words, throughout your entire website.

When you click on a hashtag or a tag in the cloud, a list of posts, threads, members, comments and status updates will appear that contains that word.

Smaller Changes

  • Win/loss stats have been added to member profiles. The win/loss counts are calculated from match reports and tournaments hosted on your website. If you don't want this information on your member profiles, you can disable this feature in your main settings.
  • An option to turn off all panels for each custom page has been added.
  • Added a 'guests only' access permission for menu links.
  • When you click on a members name a profile popup will appear. You can disable this in the main settings.
  • Faster login: when you click login a login popup will appear.
We've also released further websites under the iClan Websites brand; namely: GTA V Websites - http://www.gtavwebsites.com Battlefield Websites - http://www.battlefieldwebsites.com Call of Duty Websites - http://www.callofdutywebsites.com Thank you everyone for your continued feedback and enjoy the new features!

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