Update: Membership Fees, SMS notifications, TeamSpeak Improvements + More!

Posted on 27 June in Updates

Membership Fees

If you add up the costs of running a gaming server, website or voice server, things can get a little expensive.

Membership fees act like a payment firewall to your website. The shopping feature has had an overhaul, which now lets you block access to parts of your website for different members. Depending on your settings, some of your members will be forced to pay. For example, you could have a premium forum board where only paid members can access.

Payment funds will collect in your PayPal account, when a payment completes a member will be unblocked.

TeamSpeak 3 Improvements

We've added the following features to our TeamSpeak servers:
  • Move location to a different IP or port number
  • Automated backups & restoration - your server is backed up daily, kept for 7 days
  • Instant access to privilege keys
  • Uptime monitoring - in the unlikely event your voice server goes offline, you may opt-in to receive email and SMS messages
  • Connectivity checking - we monitor uptime of all our voice servers, now you have real time access to detect connectivity problems.

SMS Notifications

When quizzed, 71% of you said SMS notifications would be useful. If you're always on the move and don't want to miss anything, such as a match, then SMS notifications will keep you informed of what's going on.

Two Factor Authentication

Every now and then we have members come to us saying their email has been hacked and their account has been overthrown. This can be prevented now with two factor authentication. Upon login, you'll be sent an SMS message to your phone with a login token. This means in the event your email does get hacked, no one can access your account unless they have your phone.

Uptime Monitoring

If you run a gaming server, voice server or website - how do you know if it's online or offline? With uptime monitoring, you'll be the first to know if anything you want to monitor goes offline. We'll check anything you like, with HTTP, PING and PORT checks at 1 minute intervals using a global network of probe servers. When outages happen, we'll let you know by email, SMS and automated phone calls. If you're mad about uptime like we are, then uptime monitoring is a must.

Cross-Site Login

Many of our users have more than one website or are registered to multiple websites. With cross site login, you can easily login/switch between your accounts. This feature is disabled by default for all premium customers. It can be enabled in the main settings, under functionality.

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