Update: MySQL Importer! Import your existing members and forums to your website... with ease!

Posted on 15 January in Updates

Many gaming communities already run their forums and membership through software such as phpBB, Invision Power Board or WordPress, using a MySQL database to store data. We've been asked a countless number of times whether or not it was possible to import this data to their website, the answer was always no! As of today that is no longer the case.

If you're currently using MySQL to store your member and forum data, import it now!

In your Admin Panel, visit Menu » MySQL Importer.

Fill in your MySQL settings, such as database name, port, IP/hostname, along with your member/forum table/column names. Grant us access to your MySQL server by creating a new "iclanimporter" user and hit the import button.

You need to fill in the table and column names because each database is different depending on the software you're already using. We need to know where the data is in your database.

After you hit the import button:

  • Our servers will connect to your MySQL database.
  • Read your members list, forum topics and posts.
  • Check all the data to ensure nothing is missing or incorrect. You will see in the log what is happening.
  • Import this to your website in the correct format.
  • Your imported members will be sent an activation email, it is important they activate their account by clicking the link sent to their email address.

You can do a dry-run first to check the import will work successfully, a dry-run means we'll read your data, check it, but will not import it to your website. You should dry-run first, before you go ahead and import.

And that's it! You've now successfully imported your old forum and member data into your website. Your topics will be placed in a new category and board in your forum.

Are you ready to start your free community website?

Get started now by filling in the form below. It's quick, easy and free!

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+0 · 30 January 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
James T.
This is a great update indeed.
+2 · 19 January 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
Thanks. Let us know if you need anything else.
+1 · 20 January 2015 · You like thisLike
This is bloody fantastic!!
+1 · 17 January 2015 · You like thisLike · Reply
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