Update: Newsletters Reply-to Feature

Posted on 30 June in Updates

Newsletters sent from Admin Panels will have an optional reply-to address underneath the subject field

iClan Websites is a democracy. As such, our users vote on the most requested features. We have created a feature whereas when an admin creates and sends a newsletter, they will have an option to put in their reply-to email address. When the newsletter is sent out and the receiver replies, the email will be sent back to the admin instead of a no-reply email inbox.

How it Works

First, go to Admin Panel > Menu > Send Newsletter.

 photo Blog 2.1_zpshuckuhkf.png

Second, scroll down a little and you will see the “Newsletter Reply To:”, in here you can set the email address of your own or wherever you want the email replies will be received.
(E.g. [email protected])

 photo Blog 2.2_zpsypvlbjdv.png

After that, just proceed with the process of sending out newsletter/s. When a user/member receives the newsletter, and replies to it, you will receive that reply to that specific email address you have set on with. (E.g. you will receive it in [email protected])

With this new feature – our customers will be able to optionally set their own personal email address and it will be easier for them to communicate via email.

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very useful
+0 · 28 July 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Nice feature!
+0 · 21 July 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
And i wish you all at iClan Websites a good summer!
+0 · 12 July 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Good feature, much wanted.
+0 · 11 July 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
+0 · 5 July 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
Great :)
+0 · 5 July 2016 · You like thisLike · Reply
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