Update: Recruitment v2 + Topic Tags!

Posted on 31 March in Updates
Dear all, Further updates have been made today!

Recruitment v2

We've rewrote the recruitment application feature from scratch! Version 2 has the following awesome features (based on your feedback):
  • Multiple application forms for different purposes (different teams, games or levels)
  • Customizable emails and private messages when a member fills out an application, is rejected or accepted
  • Automatic forum posting: the application will be posted in a forum board you specify for discussion
  • Admin discussion: you and your fellow admins can discuss applications inside your admin panel so you can come to a joint decision
  • Automatic rank assignment: this automatically sets a users rank if you accept the application
  • Automatic awards: specify which awards should be given if the user is accepted
  • Automatic rosters: specify which rosters the user should be placed in if the user is accepted
  • Set the recruitment status: open, closed & closed but still showing
  • Option to publish actions to the activity feed
  • Option to mandatory enter a reason for accepting/rejecting an application
  • Ability to add multiple fields for each application, such as: text inputs and drop down menus
  • Ability to hide fields and only show them if another field has been filled out
  • Ability to make a field mandatory
  • Add up to 50 fields per application!

Forum Topic Tags

Forum tagging is a popular feature amongst many forum software packages, that's because it really helps you to better organize your forum.
  • Specify the background and text color of each tag
  • Set user access permissions for each rank
  • Specify which tags can be used in each forum board
  • Moderator controls allow you to add and remove tags to different topics
  • Add multiple tags to the same topic

Change in Pricing

You may notice we've increased our prices recently. First:

We will never increase prices for our loyal, current customers!

If you wish to make amendments, please open a ticket so we can send you a custom invoice. The price increase is due to a number of reasons:
  • The quality of our service has improved a substantial amount with regular updates, extra features and new themes
  • We're growing very fast, so we've hired extra staff and made improvements to our hosting infrastructure which has increased our costs
  • We wish to fund future development of our gaming CMS and make it even more awesome!
Please bombard [email protected] with your feedback, requests and if you need support, your questions too. Thank you!

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