Update: Twitch Integration, Member of the Moment + Event Improvements!

Posted on 29 October in Updates
Another update was made to our clan & guild hosting yesterday. This updates brings some really cool new functionality!

Twitch Streams Integration

Twitch is an amazing platform for sharing your gaming experience with others. Twitch, over the past 12 months has grown a considerable amount and many of our users enjoy streaming their sessions directly on their website.
  • Add unlimited Twitch channels for all your members
  • When a member is streaming, the channel will change to 'online'
  • Embedded live stream and chat directly on your site
  • List of videos from each channel
Get started and add Twitch to your site now!

Member of the Moment

Often it's great to showcase your members. Many of you do this on a regular basis, which is what motivated the Member of the Moment panel.

This panel allows you to showcase one member at a time. Simply select a member and enter a reason for their achievement.

A list of previous members is available too, so you can keep track of what members have accomplished what.

We recommend changing your showcasing member on a weekly basis!

Events Improvement

Events now have multiple options, such as 'Maybe Attending' and 'Don't Attend', making it easier for you to see who will be and won't be turning up to events. Furthermore, members can now sign up to Match Reports, by joining either the home team or the opponent team.

More updates....

There are a host of other updates that have been made, here's the full list:
  • Added ability to add individual members to rosters, as well as ranks
  • Added a new domain name recommendation feature and updated tutorial, making it easier to find and add a domain name to your website
  • Welcome message limit has been increased to 20,000 characters
  • Custom attributes in match reports are saved for use next time
  • Added ability to moderate the tag cloud (you can remove words)
  • Added minimum required post length in forums; this is to reduce the number of spammy comments
  • Added a new comments panel; this panel will automatically display different comments for each different page on your site
  • Added admin access option to moderate comments throughout your site
  • Activity feed size has been increased to a maximum of 50
  • Removed email log for security reasons
  • Added win/loss panel
  • Added win/loss page displaying a list of statistics for your members
  • Added shopping categories
  • Added a rank filter in the admin panel members list
  • Tournament index page shows the number of spaces left for each tournament during the signup stage
  • Added a 'test' template; you can make changes to the test template without modifying your website. When you're done, you can apply it to your website
  • Activity popups will now display inside the admin panel
  • Added a search feature in the admin panel making it easier to find options and settings
  • Simplified and cleaned up the edit profile page
Whoooah! What a list! So that's just about it for now. October has been a fantastic month with so many new features released, and we're looking forward to keeping the development process going through the winter. Enjoy!

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