What Makes a Good Guild Leader?

Posted on 23 January in Gaming

Like any form of leadership, to be a guild leader requires a particular set of character traits. But the exact conditions for a ‘good’ guild leader are hard to define for each leader brings with them their own unique personality and assets to the role.

As experienced gamers, we know all about the difficulties facing guilds today. And not least of these is the problem that occurs when bad leadership begins to have a negative effect on the rest of the guild.

You obviously can’t fabricate a strong leader, nor instil in them more favourable qualities to better suit the role, but you can be aware of what makes a strong leader to be better informed about which guild you would like to be a part of.

Or if you are a guild leader and want to know how to improve yourself in your role, then here are three fundamental parts that we consider to be integral:
  1. Placing the collective over the self. Some of the worst stories that we’ve ever heard about when it comes to guild leadership involve leaders using their guild and their members to suit their own ends. I have personally had experience with a guild leader on Final Fantasy XI using his guild to acquire the most desirable end game loot, with the guise that he should be the priority, after which the guild would continue to assist the members based on rank. In reality, this unnamed guild leader collected the loot and then disappeared from the guild – he’d already gotten everything he needed and couldn’t see any further personal gain. This is a danger facing many guilds today. A good leader should always put the needs of his members over those of himself – and ultimately, his reasoning for making the guild will inform his dedication to his members going forward.
  2. Conviction and integrity. This one might appear more obvious, but a good guild leader requires a strong character and conviction towards the good health and success of the guild. Clan websites and guild websites typically list a roster of members, and with names scrawled upon a page it can seem hard to envisage how heavy of a burden is placed upon the leader to be even minded, fair and honest. Yet these are the most important attributes that they must possess, and as a leader of a clan it is their duty to set an example for the rest of the members, or else risk compromising any structure that they would seek to impose. Lastly, these pointers also relate to whether a guild leader is respected by their members. It is fair to say that a petty, uneven minded leader will have a hard time garnering the adulations of his or her members.
  3. Devotion to the guild. Devotion is a big part of making a good guild leader. Maintaining an already established guild can be made easy through the use or clan websites or guild websites, but building a guild takes a considerable amount of time and devotion. A guild leader must be prepared to put in more hours than they usually would, as their presence is inarguably the most important aspect to leading and guiding a guild’s growth and success.
Being a guild leader is never an easy task, and being a good one is even harder. However, our clan hosting services at least make it easy for leaders to manage their guilds, giving them ample time to deal with other things.

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