Why is gaming as part of a clan or guild more enjoyable?

Posted on 5 June in Gaming

Anyone who plays competitive video games at a high level knows that there's only so much you can accomplish gaming alone. If you want to get the most enjoyment, excitement and competition out of your games then a clan or guild is for you.

Clans/Guilds are organized groups of gamers that share an interest in the games they play. They group up and play together - whether it be socially, casually or competitively. The purpose of clans/guilds is to improve gameplay experience. Games are always a lot more fun when you're playing with people you know on a regular basis. It doesn't matter what game you're playing, whether it be an MMO, a First Person Shooter or even a sports game like Fifa. The concept is the same - games are always more fun with friends.

The best thing about gaming clans/guilds is that each of them is unique. For example, one guild in World of Warcraft might be fully interested in high level arena PvP. The players in the guild might be extremely competitive, and really dedicated to becoming the best PvP players. This hardcore PvP guild might help players achieve their goal of becoming high ranked in PvP.

However, another guild might only want to do casual raids and PvE content. They might play only for fun, and the guild for them would be a way to socialise with like minded players in a stress-free environment and enjoy themselves doing so.

Finding like-minded individuals to play games with can be hard, and that's why guilds/clans are very useful. Rather than playing the game and finding individual players, you can go straight to a clan website and sign up or apply there. If you like the clan's ideas, plans and the way they play games then it's usually easy to get signed up on their site. Using the site, you can talk to other members, discuss tactics, games and whatever else you might want to talk about. All this is much more enjoyable than being a solo gamer.

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