Are you excited for the Xbox One release? If so, do not read this post!

Posted on 14 September in Gaming
xbox-one Lately, Microsoft has been trying to take several leaps in the technology world. News of the upcoming Xbox ONE is spreading like wild fire. In this article we will go through the key features of the Xbox ONE! Just to wet your appetite...

Xbox One LIVE

We will definitely start with the one thing that give the Xbox an identity and that is the XBOX LIVE! – Gamers should definitely be expecting something of a milestone in the Xbox one as Microsoft has improved the multiplayer experience on the console to a next level of experience. Compared to the PSN (Play Station Network) on the Play Station, the biggest rival of the Xbox is free but the officials and most of all the Gamers find the Xbox live worth the money they pay. The lack of hackers and spammers due to the price tag on the Xbox has made the Xbox LIVE a better playground and an extra ordinary experience. Besides, these features Microsoft is yet to make it better and it is the most anticipating news for the Xbox lovers.

Xbox’s ONE’s Hardware Features

The Xbox ONE packs in one of the most unique and up to date hardware components. The graphics are the most amazing feature of the Xbox One since AMD has promised to bring in the best GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) system. It is expected to have 10 times better graphics performance than the Xbox 360, which is the former version of the console. The hardware and design was not impressive on the Xbox 360 as it had heating issues to such an extent that the fear of RROD (Red Ring of Death) had pushed the fans away from the console. The relieving news concerning the Xbox ONE is that Microsoft has promised to fix the heating issue by keeping the console well ventilated with the design. All the fans must have their fingers crossed for this one! Another key feature in the hardware list is the Xbox ONE controller, it has come to notice that Microsoft is making the controller a fully compatible one with the PCs packing Windows 8 by the year 2014.

Xbox Advertisements

Xbox one will be playable at Microsoft stores. This is an indication that Microsoft is confident in its new console being the Xbox ONE. The marketing move by Microsoft would attract the market towards it more and more since most of the desktop gamers or Play Station lovers would definitely want to have a glimpse of the new console and hey! It’s free so why not?

Price Tag, Package and Release Date

The Xbox One will cost $499. This would include the system, one controller, a chat headset, Kinect and a free 14-day Trial for Xbox Live Gold (for new members only). Microsoft is providing a further package for those customers who have pre-ordered the system by adding a “premium” black packaging, a limited Xbox One (Day One!) There is also a bonus for those who will buy “Ryse”, which is the most anticipated game of the year.

Price has been an unsatisfactory point marked by the Xbox lovers since the Play Station 4, which is going to be released a week before the release of the Xbox One, to be priced at $399. To raise the spirits of the fans Microsoft defended the $100 difference by the addition of the Kinect with the console, which according to many is a fair deal.

Microsoft has announced to release the beast on the 22nd November, 2013, exactly one week before the black Friday. The date (22nd November) is a sacred one in the Xbox history since the 360 was released on the same date in the year 2005.

The year 2013 would be a great one according to my personal predictions since both Microsoft and Play Station has set their standard to a next level of technology and entertainment. Will it be the Xbox One or the Play Station 4? Whichever the case is, I am sure the wait would definitely be worth it!

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