Event Page Total Revamp!

Event Page Revamp!

We have received several requests about improving the event page from our customers, and with that on hand, iClan Website’s team decided to hear out our customer’s opinions and have decided to change the entire process of this feature. We have improved several things on the event page feature and we are going to explain each one of those things:

Fix Calendar Ordering of Each Event Per Day

With this update, all events will now be sorted through the Time Stamps of each events. Members or Admins of the clan can now easily determine and easily manage their events with this.

Update calendar panel to have tournament dates on hover

When you go to your Events Calendar on your Home page, hover over a date on your calendar and you can now see that events are properly listed on there with their corresponding tournament dates. Also, when you see an event that has a strikethrough, it means that the event is already full but you can still click on “Attend” button if you want.

Fix upcoming notifications

Since there was discrepancy between the time you’ve added an event and what’s shown especially for tournaments, we have fixed this minor glitch and you can now be notified correctly no matter what time zone you are using on your computer versus the time that the event was setup on your website.

Add a popup of attending members on hover of upcoming events

When you have attended an event, and when you hover the upcoming events on your Events Calendar, there will be small popup that will remind you of the events that you plan to attend. Nifty isn’t it?

Auto update user’s timezone

With this update, your time on your computer will automatically be the same with the time you are using currently on your own account in iClan Websites, thus it will be easier for you to track down the event’s schedules and time frames.

Sort the upcoming events on events panel by user's timezone

In relation to the feature above this one, the events will automatically be sorted out based on the time zone that your computer is using currently. So, therefore, you don’t need to setup your timezone settings on your iClan Website account. We made it easier for you.

Ability to Add, Edit and View tags for events and sort it out using Colors and Tags

You can now filter your events by using tags or colors. Clans that has humungous list of events can now easily sort out their events using tags or colors. It is pretty much all you need for an event calendar.


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