Team Manager Updates Part 2

Teams update across the board updating to add description and badge, and Team Profile pages can be accessed @

By creating a team, go to Admin Panel > Menu > Team

With creating a Team, you can now upload badges for each Team and can add descriptions on it. Also, you can assign the Recruitment Form for this Team on here as well by simply choosing which form to be assigned for this Team.

The Team Profile Page can be accessed by going to You can also access this through your Main Menu by clicking “Teams” under the “Members” menu bar.

Tournaments can now be filled up by teams via admin

So now, Admins can create a Tournament and assign which Teams will be face off each other.

So First, create a Tournament.

Then, go click “View Tournaments Page” then click on the Tournament name.

Then click “Teams & Players”. Lastly, click “Set from Teams”, in here, you can now set which teams will be facing each other on the Tournament. Also, you can change the Team Nickname in here as well.

NOTE: If you are an admin of the tournament or the website, you can do this. But if you are only a Team Manager, you can let your Team join in only. Also, you can only add Teams if the Tournament is a non-random tournament.

Update teams update and adding to make sure Team names are unique, first come first serve

With this feature, we made sure that each team name will be unique so therefore, no two teams can use the same name, so it’s a first come first serve basis in using Team Names. Better make sure you get the first dibs on the Team Name that you want to use.

You can now set a match report for a Team

First, go to Admin Panel > Menu > Matches. In here, you can now create and submit match reports for the tournaments that you have and gather all data and view it on the Match Reports Page.

Match Reports Profile Page should have a list of all match reports with their teams in it

So in here, you can view all match reports and all the details about the tournament that was conducted.

On site signup, should add Teams menu under the Members dropdown

So Teams can now be easily accessed by hovering “Members” on the Main Menu of your website.


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