How to use Team Challenge Feature

So with this update, every Team Leader can now have the access to challenge an opposing team.

When you go to your website (e.g. www.websitename/teams), you can now see the Challenge button from there.

When you click the “Challenge Team” button, a pop up will show and you can set the configurations of the Challenge info in here.

Afterwards, the opposing team should receive a notification about the Team Challenge and will have the ability to accept or reject the said challenge.

Once accepted, your team will receive a notification to start the challenge process.

The Team Leaders and Members should be able to receive the notification through Private Message.

fter the teams have been setup, you can now designate your members for each team and will have the ability to start the Team Challenge Process.

When the End Time ends, both teams should receive a notification about the Challenge and will have to fill up a form for both teams. Both reports should be equally right or if not, it will send an email to the admins for review to check if there are inconsistencies or there is a “No Show”.

NOTE: The Event that was created through the Team Challenge should appear on the Events page on your website and on the Events Calendar.

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