How do I moderate my forums?

Moderating forums is extremely important as you probably don't want visitors posting inappropriate content.

Please note that website owners are automatically added as moderators, normal members or other admins aren't. Our website access controls are very advanced, which means you can allow certain members access to any part of your website.

To add yourself as a moderator, click the Admin Panel > Menu > Settings > Forum Boards. You will be taken to your Forum Boards. Click the magnifying glass icon to edit that specific Forum Board. Then you either enter in individual moderators by UserID or by selecting certain ranks to be moderators. For example, if you have a rank that is called 'Administrator' then you can select this rank to be moderators for this board. Alternatively if you would like just a single member to be a moderator, you will need to find their UserID by going to your members list.

When you're a moderator, you are able to do the following actions:

• Edit all posts
• Delete posts
• Move topics to other categories/boards
• Sticky topics
• Delete topics
• Lock topics


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