How do I add a video or audio file to my website?

When it comes to adding audio and video to your website, you've got several options.

Adding video via YouTube

Uploading your video to YouTube is by far the easiest way to insert a video to your site. Once you've uploaded your video to YouTube, copy the page address of your video and insert that in between the [youtube][/youtube] BB code tags.

Uploading audio and video to your hosting space

You may also upload an audio or video file to your web hosting space, either in your admin panel or by FTP (file transfer protocol). Please remember not to upload illegal or otherwise copyrighted content! Once you've uploaded your file, if it's a video just copy the file URL (the address to your video file) and insert that in between the [video][/video] BB code tags. If it's audio, use the [audio][/audio] tags.

Using HTML

If you're on a premium plan then you may use HTML to add in your own widgets or objects. However, because using HTML is a little more complicated and there are so many options along with this, it is beyond the scope of this article.


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