How do I use my own domain name to connect to my Team Speak server?

In this tutorial we will explain how you can connect to your Team Speak server using your own domain name, such as This is an easier way to connect to your voice server, since you do not need to remember the port number and/or IP address.

First, get the IP address and port number of your voice server. The IP is something like and the port number is just a normal number, such as 12345. These can be found inside your voice server control panel.

Next, go to your DNS Manager inside your admin panel, then:

1) Create an A record, in the name column enter 'ts' and in the value column enter the IP address of your voice server, e.g. In the TTL column, enter 3600.
2) Create an SRV record, in the name column enter '_ts3._udp.ts' and in the value column enter '1 12345', replacing 12345 with your voice server port number and with your actual domain name. In the priority column, enter '1'.

Make sure you enter the above exactly (yes, including the full stops)! If you enter something else your settings will not save. You might need to wait a little while, but within 1 hour you should be able to connect directly to your voice server with, without using a port number.


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