How does Force Recruitment works?

Ever wondering on how to use the Force Recruitment?

This feature is actually very handy especially when you are recruiting for members and doesn't want to get confused on who to accept or deny.

• First, you must create a recruitment form by going to Admin Panel > Menu > Recruitment > Create a Form.

• Lastly, Go to Admin Panel > Menu > Main Settings > Membership and Registration, you must set and enable the force recruitment here and choose the form that you want to use.

With that, whenever a member tries to register and join your clan website, they will have to fill out the recruitment form first and will remain "pending" until you have fully reviewed their form.

You will be notified whenever a recruitment form has been filled up by a user and you have options to View/Accept/Deny or even comment some opinions to the user.

Try this new feature out and you will find it very useful!


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