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22 seconds ago Finalesaint was accepted through the application Recruitment Application
1 minute ago that_boy_ryan
(See u again)
Its been 2months with this big clan and ill tell u all bout it wen I see yall again.We came a long way with this huge clan.And ill tell u all bout it wen I see yall again
(It was a great two months guys.we learned more nd more bout clanship)
2 minutes ago Blake "Blaze" Taberah (PC) just joined the community Santos Six Roleplay Crew
3 minutes ago Finalesaint has applied through the recruitment application Recruitment Application
4 minutes ago Ivan Zakhar PC befriended Flinn Worthington P3/X1
4 minutes ago kmaleon73
Al parecer algunos miembros de Elite tiene problemas con el Razor, entonces tendremos q probar con el Raid Call, siendo este un clon del sistema y muy parecido al Team Spech, lo unico q hay q hacer es registrarse, despues de haberce registrado en la barra de la busqueda usted coloca este id 11213268 y por los momentos es una comunidad con mi nombre, y si no le funciona el micro lo puede configurar en chat libre en la parte baja a la derecha el iconito de la corneta y listo deberia andarle sin problemas, provemos a ver si este no les da problemas pero por favor vamos a tratar de utilizar un programa de voz, y el link al programa esta en la ventana de link pq lo intente subir en los download y me dio un error
5 minutes ago Cyntric
I know you guys are like whatever i do that all the time.. i'm happy lol
5 minutes ago Ghostrider
===== [[[ Australia has been Updated to Epoch ]]]]] =====

8 minutes ago Finalesaint just joined the community Deity Gaming
8 minutes ago jonnylucroy
Also, for the slideshow below, I had to pull pictures from your video so they aren't of very good quality. If I were to take screenshots in game it would be much better.
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